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New PVP 6K Custom Map with Server Side Mods


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Server Name: #PVP# Warriors Den 6K Serverside Mods
Server IP & Port:

Server Region: North America East
Discord:  https://discord.gg/BEAwjcTChu


Map is custom RWG 6K
Total of 3021 POIs
At least 1 of each Tier 5 POI with a total of 19 Tier 5 POIs
111 Tier 4 POIs
4 Large cities 1 Mega city
At least 1 of each trader 6 total


Xp rate = 150%
Loot abundance = 100%
Loot respawn = 2 days
Drop on death = Backpack ONLY


I create my own mods and edit other mods. My goal is to improve gameplay (not necessarily making it easier) and fix bugs.


MODS LIST: (Server side / does NOT require download)
1. JaxTeller718_ZombieReach (Reduces zombie melee reach to a more realistic distance)
2. 7DTD_DeepDark (Makes both nights and indoors darker for more realism to encourage the need and use of a lightsource)
3. PVP Balancing Fixes (Player Damage reduction is applied based on location and type of armor on hit location, PVP damage has been overhauled to be more balanced. No effect on PVE)
4. Healthbars by jayfusion (Health bars are displayed when aiming at an enemy)
5. InfoPanel (Adds these buttons with info and map when you press ESC key)
6. H7SB_Backpacks (Adds craftable backpacks of different sizes and increases total inventory slots.)
7. PitMonks_Topless_Female_Players_Modlet (Removes the bra and briefs not panties from female characters)
8. PVP Raiding Changes by Jayfusion (Breaching rounds and timed charges do reasonably more damage specifically to doors, storage, and electronics for raiding LCB protected areas.)
9. Silencer Sound Distance Fix (Fixes Silencers by lowering the distance in which other players can hear the gunshots. Varies by gun used.)
10. Ryuu's Dancing Traders (Traders will now dance)
11. Scrap learned books for more books (Scrap already learned schematics and perk books for book scraps to craft a Book Exchange to turn into a trader for more books or schematics)
12. AGF-A20HUDPlus1.4.1 (Custom HUD)
13. Ana_Vehicle_Respawner (All vehicles will respawn overtime after being harvested)
14. Corpses by Jayfusion (Zombies leave a block type corpse on death that can be harvested. Has much less impact on server and corpses won't disappear until destoryed or harvested.)
15. New Player Catch Up Aids (Increases XP/loot/health gained and decreases damage received that reduces as a player levels up to allow newer players to catch up.)
16. No More Giant Holes Or Deep Underground Bases (Stone, gravel and ore veins are no longer able to be mined except for the ore/stone boulders that now respawn and give more resources.)
17. Random Regrowing Wild Crops (Wild crops now grow randomly in most biomes and will regrow after harvest. Wild crops offer less crops then player planted crops. No changes to player planted crops.)
18. Solarbank and increased generator fuel mod (Generators hold more fuel and solarbanks now provide same output as generators.)
19. The NEW Tracker Perk by jayfusion (Adds zombie and player tracking to Tracker perk. Player tracking is limited for balancing. More info in help and tips.)
20. Vehicle Sound Fix by jayfusion (Fixes silent audio bug for vehicles by adding a new constant idle/running sound while vehicle is in use.)
21. RadWasteland Need a full Hazmat Suit (Wasteland biome is now radiated. Wear a hazmat suit and/or use any type of antibiotics to safely explore. XP/loot are doubled in wasteland biome.)
22. Trader Safe Zones and Open Close Time (Only PVP damage is negated while near a trader. The closer the more effective. Can still get damaged from non player sources. Open time 0200, close time 0000)
23. Server Tools (Adds a bunch of things like colored text in chat, chat commands, cheat detection and disables vehicle pickup)
24. Buried Treasure (Adds random buried stashes throughout the map. The Treasure Hunter perk unlocks a craftable item to increase stash detection range)
25. Gyro flies like helecopter and has an extra seat (Changes flight controls and settings of gyro to fly like a helecopter and add an extra seat for the vehicle seat mod)
26. Craftable Hardened Chests (Adds craftable Hardened Chests to workbench recipes. They offer more storage and protection for your loot)
27. Stack Sizes and Bundles (Adjusts some items stack sizes and adds more bundled item options)

Warriors Den Map.png

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