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  1. @JaxTeller718 Is there anyway for you to release a modlet or standalone DMT mod for your Gamma Limiter that you have on Ravenhearst? I host my own server and create/edit mods for my server as well and can't seem to find or make anything like that. I would like to restrict Gamma/Brightness adjustments on my server to make PVP more challenging/realistic. I'd be willing to make a donation/contribution for it.
  2. SERVER NAME: NA/PVP/6K Map/Custom Settings and Mods The Goal of this server is to promote Balanced PVPVE, you can play however you want (Solo, with friends or temporary alliances). All mods/settings are to enhance the quality of life but at the same time still make the game fun and challenging. 7 Days to Die is not exactly a realistic game so don't expect everything to be as such, however at the same time it will be Lore Friendly. I will list some of the custom changes/mods below, however please feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions. You can join the Discord channel for
  3. Steam name: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jayfusion/ Hours played: 1,222 Started on Alpha: A15 Discord name: jayfusion#1556 Native language: English
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