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Can't Join 7 Days Discord


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On 4/24/2022 at 7:57 PM, Novemberlove said:

Hi. I'm trying to join on discord but I keep getting an error message saying that I can't join. 7 days was the first public group I was trying to join and at first it said my acount was too new. I understand that but now, after a week, still can't join????

That would be the official Discord. Your account should be about a week old before you join servers. Rules like this help to limit the number of bots that can get on the server to spam it.

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Still can't join the discord. I can click and get requests to join the others that come up for 7 days to die but not the official. And....thanks for the chronology lesson :) I'm a big fan and player of the game. Played on xbox and got the dreaded lose your whole base error too many times and built a PC just to play the game on PC. Please assist lol

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