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Game crashing randomly to desktop


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I'm playing on a Alpha 20.3 (b3) server and the game constantly crashes to desktop. This can happen during loading, right after loading, or after up to an hour of playing, but it always happens. Does not appear to be any difference if I restart the game (and computer) completely, the crashes are completely random. No one else on the server are having similar issues. There are no mods being used on the server. There is also no error message, as the game just crashes straight to desktop. 


Posting the three most recent logs:



Have searched the forum and tried most of the most common solutions that have been suggested like playing with anti-cheat off, forcing the game into DX10, and verifying the files. I've also tried to play with various settings, including lowering all the graphical options as well as resolution to the absolute minimum without anything changing. 

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