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today was crazy day...Timeouts / drone get stuck / kicked out


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today was crazy on the server

1.elisa get kicked out all circa all 30min (thats every 30min..why? i dont know) the problem existists long time (when we made a homegame with invite it dosnt happen, only on server, and only she gets it (laptop)

2.freddy gets today 2x errors (i think the last of the pastebin line was displayed to him)

3.i sonntags my drone gets lost in a building with an error (20.3 was all ok) now i entered the building, the "open invetary button were blocked after then"

my drone appeared in my inventory 2, but i cant launch it because "only 1 drone allowed"..hmmm..now i must play without?


heres the pastbin


perhaps someone has an idea?

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12 hours ago, 7daysOfFun said:

perhaps someone has an idea?

Just a guess but:

That looks like an old version of Boyd's infinite horde. Says v1 and that mod is on v1.2.

But also, you shouldn't be trying to use mods on an experimental build.

And Freddie fails EAC, so they should verify files twice.

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