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A few Ideas


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Hello Everyone, I have  a few things I've been thinking about, Id love to actually hear from Fun Pimps about it tho.

-A pet dog- The drone is great, I'm not much of one for playing on a server, but wouldn't it be great to have a dog you could throw a backpack on to carry things and keep you company. Gets abit lonely playing by yourself.

-Navezgane- Navezgane needs to be overhauled, new roads, new buildings, new bridges (some that partially collapse when you first go over them, it is a wasteland), completely different layout. I like Navezgane, but I have played it so many times, Im tired of it. But the pre-gen and random maps, are all mostly flat, no bridges, no rivers.\

-Barb wire and Log spikes - Id like to see these come back, there is frig all to help defend your base now, and the wood spikes are a joke.

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