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Boid's Stealth Logging & other tiny modlets


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Most of the modlets in this group are very tiny and not that useful for most people. I created them as one-offs and learning exercises usually due to a thread in General Discussion. However, Boid's Stealth Logging might have some utility for anyone trying to understand sleeper volumes and zombie targeting. It will log the following:


  • Player enters a sleeper volume
  • 'Attack' sleeper volume zombies' checks to 'see' the player
  • Enemy targets player
  • Enemy stops targeting player
  • Enemy approaches spot (due to noise)
  • Enemy approaches distraction (thrown rock/snowball)


I found it pretty informative when investigating just how attack sleeper volumes work. Not recommended for normal play and definitely not with large #s of spawns around. It doesn't spam the console every tick, but it can write a lot of info if there are a dozen zombies near you all trying to find you. Boid's Stealth Logging is not EAC compatible; the other modlets are just XML so they ought to be fine.


Boid's A20 Modlets




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