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7DaysToDieServer_Data/level0 is corrupted


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Hello all,


Since yesterday, I get this error message when starting my server:



This always happens when I do a reboot.
Reboot means that I shut down the server with the 'shutdown' command via API call and then a validation with LinuxGSM validate.

The strange thing is that I haven't changed anything on the server for a few days. So no new mods or adjustments to the existing mods.

I only get it to run when I revalidate, and then only for 2 or third times.


Version is: 

Game version: Alpha 20 (b238) Compatibility Version: Alpha 20


I run the server on Ubuntu 20.4 with linuxGSM.


What can I do?

Thanks in advance for help

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1 hour ago, dwarfmaster1974 said:

Anyone ... please?

Can you also post a log from when the server is running normally?


That file getting corrupted could be may things. So just guessing here...


Hard drive has bad sectors.

Hard drive is full.

Mod is overwriting the file with a different version..

LGSM is overwriting the file with a different version.

Some other process is overwriting the file.


Maybe try setting that file to read only to keep it from changing.


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