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  1. @poly and @Cranberry Monster both ideas very good, but there is still a missing thing there. What happens when the block is going to be destroyed, i.e. by a zombie attack or friendly fire? So the only thing that might be work is that you can only 'place' one of these blocks and after placement the recipe is locked ... i would guess with: <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="0" value="0" tags="onetimeplacementblock"/> So the question is how to make this possible? I don't know how to activate an effect on a block placement / destroy ... have any ideas?
  2. No. Not really. The block can be created with some smallEnginges and a bunch of electricParts. My hope was that there is a way to activate a buff that restricts the crafting of a new block or something like that, but I don't have any clue how to do that.πŸ˜…
  3. Perfect! This is working fine πŸ˜‡ Thx for your very quick answer!
  4. Hello all, I have a strange problem on my WebMap. I made the following settings in the webpermissions.xml: <permissions> <permission module="webapi.getlog" permission_level="0"/> <permission module="webapi.executeconsolecommand" permission_level="0"/> <permission module="webapi.viewallplayers" permission_level="0"/> <permission module="webapi.viewallclaims" permission_level="0"/> <permission module="webapi.getplayerinventory" permission_level="0"/> <permission module="web.map" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.getstats" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.getplayersonline" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.getplayerslocation" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.getlandclaims" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.gethostilelocation" permission_level="2000"/> <permission module="webapi.getanimalslocation" permission_level="2000"/> </permissions> i also get all the data delivered from the corresponding endpoints, but the endpoint getplayerslocation always returns an empty array, even if players are online. Have I set something wrong?
  5. Hello all, I want to create a very special block that brings certain properties of a workbench or forge. It is also already finished and works as it should. However, to prevent this block from being mass-produced, I would like to make this block uncraftable once it has been crafted. Means since it would be nice if you had an idea how I could prevent a further crafting or just the number of allowable blocks of this type to 1 or another amount can be set. Thx in advance πŸ˜‡
  6. Hi @Mistwraith, thank you for your feedback. The problem we want to solve here is mainly the fact that we want to control timed elements within the prefab. For example, we want to turn lights on or off at certain times. The same with roller shutter doors, which should open when a certain time is reached, but of course should also close. This worked quite well in A19 with an endless power source that we provided as a MOD. Or is it possible to control timers in a20 differently, or just not at all ...
  7. Hello all, we are building a blood moon base on our server. This should of course be secure, which we can achieve without problems with a trader - protection. But it would be super mega cool if also time-controlled, a few things could happen. Unfortunately, the timers currently in the game are all designed for a day but not for a weekday incl. time. The goal would be to get a timer that pulls up the train bridges on time for the blood moon and sounds the alarm and not every day at 10 pm but only every 7 days at 10 pm. Do you have any idea how this could be done? I would be very happy to hear from you. πŸ˜‡
  8. Hello all, I have a fairly busy server and also use a server manager for ports and stuff. So far, so good. Unfortunately, I miss a few functions in this server manager, but can not extend it myself because this is mainly closed source. Which is perfectly ok. But now the question. If I want to create my own server manager, what would I need for it? I have seen that in the main C# is needed for it and that certainly in connection with Visual Studio. This shouldn't really be a problem in principle, but unfortunately I have no idea how to get started. Is there somewhere a tutorial or documentation for this or other information that would help me to realize this? If someone can give me some smart hints, that would be great. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi ErrorNull, My players on the server I run love your mod. The amount of variations that comes with the 'new' zombies are great. Also, the names are hilarious. Of course, we want to bring your zombies back for A20 as well, but I have the same problem with the short breaks as described above. I have this issue both locally and on my test server, but can't narrow it down because I don't get an error message or anything. If I take the enZombies out, everything runs as usual again. Maybe you have some great advice on where I need to look to discover the issue. The server itself has a lot of mods, where a large part is self-written (only server-side (XML) so no one has to install anything).
  10. Hi, I have that old XML code in a quest: <objective type="Craft" id="woodFrameBlockVariantHelper" value="6" phase="1"/> <objective type="BlockPlace" id="woodFrameBlock" value="3" phase="2"/> <objective type="BlockUpgrade" id="woodFrameBlock" value="3" phase="2"/> <objective type="BlockPlace" id="woodPlate" value="1" phase="3"/> <objective type="BlockPlace" id="woodFrameHalf" value="1" phase="3"/> But now these blocks are not existing anymore in A20. Question is, how I can place a shape from i.e. the `woodPlate` in my quests? Any ideas πŸ˜‡
  11. Thank you for your feedback. I finally managed to solve it. The problem is not that you are not allowed to extend blocks, but the class 'Workstation' needs a few more windows with an appropriate suffix. If these windows are not present, the error shown above comes. I'll also post the final working XML later for those interested, once I've cleaned everything up.
  12. Hi @khzmusik, no, not really 😁. I come from Germany, but a nice turkey and the other delicacies I could also take well now. πŸ˜‹ I run together with another admin the 'Nachtwache II' what makes me currently very much fun. There we are planning a somewhat larger prefab and there Martin would fit in very well with his new buddies. Thanks for the links to the UMA which will help me a lot. Unfortunately, the link to the wearables is no longer available. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?52099-Bad-Company/page3 Is there anywhere else I can look at a list for this?
  13. Hi ... that was exactly the right hint. Now I can also set the trader in the game via the debug menu. It works wonderfully, by the way. πŸ˜‡ I will follow your advice for the server later and use the SpawnBlocks. But at this point I am not yet, the plan is a somewhat larger market with a variety of different traders with different goods. But one more question. Is there a program / software with which I can create such characters, or is it just dabbling in the XML file (archetypes)?
  14. Hi @SylenThunder, I have, as probably already expected, found out for myself how it works. But thanks for your feedback. πŸ˜‡ ... and you are of course right, that it makes no sense, as I have constructed the paths. πŸ™ƒ
  15. Hello @khzmusik, I wanted to use the automechanic trader and was also happy that it could work. However, it does not work so well for me with placing him. I wanted to place the trader via the debug menu / spawn menu inside the game, but he does not appear there. Do I have to pay attention to something special? I have used the current version from the gitlab cloned.
  16. Hello survivors, in principle, I have something very simple in mind. I want to create a block that you can open like a workstation, which then only opens a window where an image is displayed. This image, then, contains something like information within the game, such as a certain event. The images come from an external server, which I can then exchange depending on the date. I have seen that with the images in this mod and tried to adapt this. (Snufkin-LootboxAddon) https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-2021November20/tree/main/Snufkin_Weapons_Xpansion_LootboxAddon_A19_2021November20 This is what I have so far: blocks.xml <append xpath="/blocks"> <block name="orb-1"> <property name="Extends" value="stainlessSteelPillar100Cap"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="stainlessSteelPillar100Cap"/> <property name="DescriptionKey" value="orb-1-desc"/> <property name="Class" value="Workstation"/> <property name="Path" value="solid"/> <property name="ImposterExchange" value="imposterBlock" param1="143"/> <property name="Collide" value="sight,movement,melee,bullet,arrow,rocket"/> <property name="OpenSound" value="open_workbench"/> <property name="CloseSound" value="close_workbench"/> </block> </append> windows.xml <append xpath="/windows"> <window name="orb-1" anchor="CenterCenter" depth="11"> <texture depth="11" pivot="center" width="1842" height="1036" texture="@http://nw-2.de/orb-1.png"/> </window> </append> xui.xml <append xpath="/xui/ruleset"> <window_group name="workstation_orb-1" controller="XUiC_WorkstationWindowGroup"> <window name="orb-1"/> </window_group> </append> The block also shows that I can use it, but it does not open. At startup, the message in the attachment comes up. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong or what is still missing? I would be really happy about that.
  17. Thank you @SylenThunder, I am already in that Discord Server, but mostly for questions regarding XML changes in my own mods. I will try to ask there. Maybe there are more details for me than I have right now ... πŸ˜‡
  18. Hello Survivors, i hope I am in the right place/category here. I'm just thinking about making my own little admin interface, so I can administer my server a little easier. At the moment, I have very, very much solved via bash console scripts. So establish a connection via telnet and then possibly trigger commands automated via cron jobs or even simply manual bash input in between an ssh-connection. Works in principle and very much is covered by it. For example, I have the reset of reset zones, mines as well as obsolete claims and distribute gifts and reboots regulated. It takes an incredible amount of work off my hands. Long story short. Now I'm thinking about doing more with the API, but unfortunately I can't find a detailed documentation where all possibilities are listed in detail. The plan is in the final stage to have a user interface that I would also possibly be operable with the cell phone. The backend of example Server-Tools and also Botman and CSMM unfortunately do not offer everything I would like to have, and therefore I want to build something myself. Mainly with cURL / PHP ... Gladly, then also available for everyone. But before I start, I want to estimate what is possible and if it is worth it. For this, a documentation or a detailed tutorial would be really helpful. Of course, if there are other ways to communicate with the server than via the API, please let me know.
  19. The referring was the right hint. After referring it to "attPerception" everything is working like a charm and no crashes anymore ... Here is the final and working progression.xml : <configs> <append xpath="/progression/perks"> <perk name="perkDonor" parent="attPerception" desc_key="perkDonorDesc" long_desc_key="perkDonorDesc"> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="purpleBox"/> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="redBox"/> </effect_group> </perk> </append> </configs> Thanks to all for your patient help! πŸ˜‡
  20. Ok. What do you mean? I don't get it. Should I change ' base_skill_point_cost="0" ', and if so, to what value? OK. I don't get that either? What should I do ? Do you have a tiny Example for me? ... sorry for being such a noob πŸ™ƒ
  21. I have now adjusted everything and tidied up a little. The perk also runs very well, and only the recipes that are supposed to be unlocked are unlocked. BUT it is still the case that when I open the skills, the client crashes. Also, on other computers under other (steam) users. I just had it tested by others. Unfortunately, there was no outputput.log for any of them, which could have provided information about the reason. So I had to proceed iteratively and cut back piece by piece. It took a while, but the crash only occurred when I added the progression.xml. <configs> <append xpath="/progression/perks"> <perk name="perkDonor" max_level="1" base_skill_point_cost="0" desc_key="perkDonorDesc" long_desc_key="perkDonorDesc"> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="purpleBox"/> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="redBox"/> </effect_group> </perk> </append> </configs> What could be the reason? I am in despair 😡 Even the red and the purpleBox are existing items, and they are working well in between the LootMachine
  22. Yes, we have. These items are from an external Lootbox-Mod and have no technical names or ID. You were absolutely right, when you say that this is a bad idea ... but in that case. Not my fault πŸ˜… Here is the log: https://pastebin.com/YRhzHEM8 I can't see anything obvious here. Every Mod is loaded and there are no Warnings, Errors or Exceptions.
  23. Hi @bdubyah, thank you for this answer ... I tried this, but now, every time I want to open the skill menu, the client crashes back to windows. This is what I have done to the buffs.xml: <append xpath="/buffs"> <buff name="buffDonor" name_key="buffDonorKey" icon="ui_game_symbol_diamond" icon_color="0,128,0"> <!-- hidden="true" remove_on_death="false" --> <display_value_key value="Donor"/> <display_value value="Donor"/> <stack_type value="ignore"/> <duration value="0"/> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="PerkLevel" operation="base_add" value="1" tags="perkDonor"/> </effect_group> </buff> </append> and that to the progression.xml: <append xpath="/progression/perks"> <perk name="perkDonor" max_level="1" base_skill_point_cost="0" desc_key="perkDonorDesc" long_desc_key="perkDonorDesc"> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="LVL4 Purple LootBox"/> <passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="LVL3 Red LootBox"/> </effect_group> </perk> </append> and here the recipes.xml: <append xpath="/recipes"> <recipe name="LVL3 Red LootBox" count="1" craft_area="LootboxMachine" craft_time="0" tags="learnable,perkDonor"> <ingredient name="Green Ticket" count="0"/> <ingredient name="Yellow Ticket" count="0"/> <ingredient name="Red Ticket" count="1"/> <ingredient name="Purple Ticket" count="0"/> </recipe> <recipe name="LVL4 Purple LootBox" count="1" craft_area="LootboxMachine" craft_time="0" tags="learnable,perkDonor"> <ingredient name="Green Ticket" count="0"/> <ingredient name="Yellow Ticket" count="0"/> <ingredient name="Red Ticket" count="0"/> <ingredient name="Purple Ticket" count="1"/> </recipe> </append> I am very sure that there is no overlap with other mods. But unfortunately I have no idea why it crashes every time. Help😒 please ...
  24. Hi @Gazz, thank you for your answer. What exactly do you mean with: Is there a way to implement macros or something like that? I am a really NewBee on modding 7d2d, so any help or hint will be very very nice.
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