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dedicated linux server kicks all players


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we have been playing Alpha 19 since december in a group of 4-5 people. In january we moved the savegame and the map to a dedciated server in an ubuntu VM.

Mostly it seems to  run quite good. A little less lag on blood moon nights, but needs a restart from time to time.

Last night I forgot to restart and during blood moon the server kicked us all from the server,




Could someone tell me if this is just a random bug or actually a steam issue?

EAC is set to false in the serverconfig.xml, but for in the output-log for everyone: "Kicking player (Steam auth failed: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled): " .

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I get that sometimes with my server too. It possibly is a memory leak so more memory could prolong playtime, but a fix for a memory leak will surely surface in experimental at some time.


Since you didn't post your full logfile that is just a wild guess.


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