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A Few A20 Glitches


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I checked around the forums but didn't see anything relating to a few glitches I found in my A20 world. We have a pregen8K world on a PVE server and cruising along for a while and then weirdness. No mods and on the latest version.


- turrets are glitching into the ground. After two straight horde nights (and a twitch integration boss battle), a turret disappeared but the indicator was still on my screen. Dug down in the ground and there it was sitting pretty. Picked it up, filled in the earth and wrote it off until it kept happening.


- Motorcycle on the ceiling. We have a poltergeist and a motorcycle was found stuck to the ceiling of the garage.


- But really bad, random massive holes in the world spotted outside a few towns. Holes to nowhere and you have to reset the game if you fall through (or jump down as a test like I did).


Loving the A20 gameplay but these are concerning.



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Brand new server, brand new install, never had A19 on it (but I'm going to full reinstall in case the hosting service is mixing up). I'll just treat the holes in the world like a scifi addition to zombie survival.


And a haunting is exactly what I told them on our discord.

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