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Libertas Legion 18+ PVP/PVE Server, all are welcome


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r/7daystodie - Libertas Legion 18+ PVP/PVE Server, all are welcome

New Vanilla PVP Server. Looking for players, groups and teams to join in a PVP/PVE and survival orientated server with active admins. Our community believes in fun and fair gaming, so if you're sick of admins abusing powers and clan owned servers which already have all the best tech, feel free to connect to ours for a change of pace. We are currently vanilla however may add mods in the future depending on the game updates and population satisfaction.

Community website: www.libertaslegion.com

All are welcome.

Game Version: Latest A.20.0.238

Game Map: PREGEN10K

name: Libertas Legion


Port: 51170

Server Location: Canada

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