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A20 dedicated server fps went down significantly


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Hello survivors, 


I just created a fresh A20 game on a dedicated linux server to check on how well it would run, and noticed that server fps rarely went over 25, at average being ~22. 

This was just me doing the basic quests and not covering much ground at all - so I am worried that several players at once will render it unplayable. 

It is a lot less than I got with A19 ( average ~35 w/ three players out in the wild) so I would like to know if others experienced that as well and if, well, I should be worrying about that. 


I ran pretty much default settings, one of the pregen maps, and max view distance lowered to 8 on the server. 

Server is a rented VM, 4 cores Xeon Gold whatever, 16 GB of RAM, SSD storage, and the max usage thereof while running the dedi is CPU 0,7/RAM 8 GB. 

This is from top, thus CPU 0,7 meaning 0,7 cores being utilized. 


Any thoughts on this?


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Sounds unusual. Ours is sitting higher than it was on a19. With a19 we saw it maxing out at 40FPS, and our average was in the mid 30's. While it was running, it mostly used about 6 cores. In a20 server FPS is topping out at 50, and normal running is 42-45FPS. The server is also using all 24 cores available to some extent.  We're bare metal with a pair of x5675's and 96GB RAM.

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Thanks for your sharing. 

Maybe it was just me being overcautious and prematurely worried as I wasn't eager to have our first A20 session fall flat: 

After playing for a few hours with 3 persons, server fps seems to average out in the low to mid thirties, and, what's most important, without noticeable lags. 


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