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A20-b238 Advanced World Creation crash


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Long time player and server operator - was just trying to make a map to get a new server going with A20, now that it's hit the Stable Channel. 

Using Advanced World Gen, I'm hitting a hard wall with the same error every time: 


(Note, I have Steam installed under C:\Games\, which *shouldn't* be the problem.)   The Data\Prefabs folder does contain a .tts and .xml file, but no .tts.xml file.  This exception halts the generation and I must kill the game from the taskbar or taskmanager.  I have validated the install through Steam, and used the cleaning tool from the launcher, but this pops up every time. 


Any ideas for a fix? 

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The log file shows the game is looking for files that aren’t there and also directx is having some issues as well. I’d recommend wiping the the server and reloading just A20 and not A19 upgrading to A20. FYI, there is always more info in the log file than is shown in the dropdown error that you see in the game window. The stuff I’m seeing in the log is not on your screenshot.

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Just wiped and reinstalled the core game now - going to give it another shot and see if anything resolves itself. 


**Update** - A wipe and reinstall appears to have resolved that issue and crash. The biome generation still looks like crap though...  Couldn't they take a page from Nitrogen or Kinggen? Snow adjacent to desert is just kinda jarring...

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