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Transfer our A19 tower build to A20?


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My friend and I have built this AMAZING tower in Alpha 19 (it is freaking glorious). Now that A20 is in experimental we are starting to wonder if it's possible to transfer our fancy tower to a new map when we want to start to play on A20.
I've seen some YT videos on how to save your own built poi and get it into the editor, but I feel like I haven't found how to full on move it to a new game, if it's even possible. I couldn't find a clear answer on this while googling or in the forum, but if there's an answer around I would love it if someone could guide me to it :)

We could of course rebuild the tower, I documented the whole build from scratch with measurements and tons of screenshots. But even if we used creator mode it would take forever, cause it's HUGE. We built it legit by gathering resources and it took us well over 200 in game days, so I hope you can understand that we don't really want to lose this ❤️ Thanks!

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