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loud chests


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The sound of the chests is ok, when I play alone, but when we play coop with 2-3 people the sound of chests slamming shut and squeaking, when opening is very annoying.

(Especially when people are searching for something and rapidly opening/closing chests.)


Perhaps a third tier of chests with better hinges or a way to oil the hinges of the current chests would be very appreciated.

(Sure, this is a quality-of-life thing, not gamebreaking.)


Thanks again for the 'Stack stuff from the inventory'-buttons. That was the only 7days mod, I ever downloaded so far. :)

(Playing on and off since Alpha 14. Steam says about 1200 hours.)

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That would be interesting to get an oil can you could use to make hinges of doors chests, or hatches silent.


Maybe a recipe with the super oil/animal fat/coal to make a lubricant that sticks to the hinges and silences them :)


you could use it when looting before you open a gun safe after picking it, or for any other reason to make general activities quieter.

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