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An exploit?


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Forgot to report this yesterday.

So during our game my wife fairly early on learnt how to build stacks of iron. So as soon as she had mined enough iron she of course decided to stack it. This gave her an xp reward of something like 8k+ xp. This does not seem right as there is nothing stopping you from breaking that stack apart and restack the iron for yet another xp reward.

Feels like making those stacks shouldn't reward any xp at all.

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I believe the exp is calculated based on material value and how much of the material is used (material count). I've made a few recipe mods before and I specifically gated how much exp they gave, could be the same scenario here.


Edit: under the misc tab of the A20 Known Issues list, it startes: Crafting resource bundles grants XP when it shouldn't. So it is a known bug.

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