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Admin and SteamID / EOS ID No Admin Privilege


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Created 7D2D server.  Edited serveradmin.xml file.  Copied to the save file directory.  Edited with both steam and EOS id for admin priviileges.


Went to Epic and linked steam.   Still cannot do admin commands.


<user steamID="5f42f5d38a8f4cb4a28c65a6dxxxxxxxx" name="Me" permission_level="0" />

Any help?


Edit:  As a side note, I set everyone default permissions to access CM/DM menu to 1000 in config file.  Still denying permissions.   Is there anywhere else or setting I need to edit?

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This is how your admin entries in serveradmin.xml should look like for an admin:


    <user platform="EOS" userid="000228633516458fxxxxxxxxxxxx" name="Jugginator" permission_level="0" />
    <user platform="EOS" userid="00024146d6fa4191xxxxxxxxxxxx" name="Jugginator2" permission_level="0" />


You can find the EOS ID from your log file. The comments should be updated at some point. But, you can simply add from the server console while a player is online:


admin add Jugginator 0

admin add "Jugginator but with spaces in the name so it's wrapped in quotation marks" 0


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