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How do i find a player profile now? EOS????


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I hope there is a way to find a players profile,

I have many issues and they are all the same.


EOS issues. all over the place lol.

I can't find any player profiles and this is preventing me from resetting a players profile without resetting the server.

used to be simple.

Any advice on how i can find a players files ???


No logs just looking for info.

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You look in your log. It shows when they connect what their ID's are.


2021-12-06T14:35:39 415.445 INF [Auth] PlayerName authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PltfmId='Steam_76561198020012811', CrossId='EOS_00022ca0257f48299275ed258203dd84', OwnerID='<unknown/none>', PlayerName='Shiny Purple People Eater'

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