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Linux dedicated a20 server crashing on RWG


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Did a fresh install of a20 on a linux server via steamcmd (I have command line access to this server)


At some point during RWG for an 8k map, the server crashes with this in the output log:


2021-12-06T15:31:40 1095.307 INF WorldGenerator:Wilderness Prefabs Spawned 103
Caught fatal signal - signo:11 code:1 errno:0 addr:0x50
Obtained 9 stack frames.
#0  0x007f76eddd1630 in _L_unlock_13
#1  0x007f76eefb27da in void prcore::RemapGenericIntegerToFloat<TexFormatARGB8888, TexFormatRGBAFloat>(prcore::InnerInfo const*)
#2  0x007f76eefa050b in prcore::BlitterRemapAny::Blit(prcore::InnerInfo const*)
#3  0x007f76eefa8e9b in prcore::BlitImageRemapNoScale(ImageReference const&, ImageReference&)
#4  0x007f76ef157c54 in bool GetImagePixelBlock<ColorRGBAf>(unsigned char const*, int, int, GraphicsFormat, int, int, int, int, ColorRGBAf*)
#5  0x007f76ef11d6d0 in Texture2D::GetPixels(int, int, int, int, int, ColorRGBAf*, int) const
#6  0x007f76ef0ec301 in Texture2DScripting::GetPixels(Texture2D*, int, int, int, int, int, ScriptingExceptionPtr*)
#7  0x007f76ef4634fb in Texture2D_CUSTOM_GetPixels(ScriptingBackendNativeObjectPtrOpaque*, int, int, int, int, int)
#8  0x00000040b08175 in (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Texture2D:GetPixels (UnityEngine.Texture2D,int,int,int,int,int)



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While that looks different to mine, you're not using LGSM for this are you? Their server watchdog was seeing that the server wasn't "up" during worldgen and thinking it'd locked up and restarting the server in the middle of the generation process. took me a while to spot it in the logs because things were a bit confused.

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2 hours ago, ssrjazz said:

No.... but it seems that 8GB of RAM in a server isn't enough to actually be able to RWG an 8k sized map in a20.  I could do a 6k one just fine though.  Guess memory requirements went way up.

If you increase your linux swapfile it should work. I tested on an 8 Gb machine with an 8 Gb swapfile and 8k worked. Most linux installs default to a 2 Gb swapfile, which is too small.

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