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  1. I do not - I presume that was the server saying "I just had someone disconnect, but there was nobody connected that matched that". Apologies for the delay in getting back to this. I was able to resolve this by nuking and completely reinstalling the dedicated server. Still don't know what the problem was, but it works now.
  2. Currently getting this same issue. I've nuked and reinstalled the server, nuked and reinstalled my game client, cleared out %APPDATA%/7 Days to Die, and I'm about out of ideas. This is without EAC enabled. Here's excerpts from the client and server logs - it won't let me attach text files apparently. From the looks I'd say it's a client issue - Server's just not getting information. Client: 2021-02-19T16:43:37 12.620 INF Started thread ServerBrowserListUpdater 2021-02-19T16:43:40 14.745 INF Connect by IP 2021-02-19T16:43:40 14.749 INF Connecting to serve
  3. Out of curiosity, is it intended for Dire Wolves to NOT attack Zombies for some reason? On our latest playthrough, we got unreasonably unlucky on Night 1 with three Dire Wolves, two regular wolves, and a fat Hawaiian guy spawning immediately around our claimed POI. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we ended up with one wolf, one Dire Wolf, and the Hawaiian inside our house (after, I think, the third death for both of us). The wolf attacked the Hawaiian and got beat up and killed, but the Hawaiian and the Dire Wolf both just hung out on the second floor near our rooms and ignored each othe
  4. I thought we were in the land of gameplay trumping realism? We aren't standing on the crops, we're standing between them. Or whatever you need to decide on for reality purposes to float your boat. Fact remains, players are going to walk on top of their farm plots in order to harvest, and regardless of that behavior for harvesting has changed since A18. Admittedly, it used to be the bushes that were annoying about it (blueberries, coffee especially) and rarely an issue with potatoes, pumpkins, or corn (unless you aimed above the base of the stalk); now the only one you c
  5. Nope, happened to me an hour ago in my SP save, which is pregen01. Behavior is definitely different from A18 at a minimum. PoloPoPo's video above is exactly what I'm seeing too.
  6. I think they're saying (in a very bad way) that something changed in A19 as far as plant colliders are concerned. I can be standing on an aloe plant, looking at a blueberry bush, the text on the screen SAYS blueberry plant, I punch and I get the aloe plant or the seed. Picking cotton or chrysanthemum in the wild is irritating as well, and a significant percentage of the time, I hit the ground or nearby grass instead of the plant I want to get. If I had to guess, I'd say that it's something to do with the glancing blow change for fists/knuckles. I haven't tried it with a knife recen
  7. It picks up where the last one left off, so if you were down to only 25% left it starts at 25%. It still resets below a certain time. I haven't done rigorous testing on it because I sort of assumed it was intentional, but anything below, I want to say 3.5 seconds left, resets to 3.5 seconds if the pick breaks. If it were possible (and I have no idea if it is possible), it'd be nice if instead of when a pick breaks having to restart the process, if it just added 3 seconds to the pick timer and consumes the pick.
  8. Just my 2 cents on that but yes - it WAS fixed. The fix was allowing interruption of the reload animation/process to switch to another weapon. If that wasn't an option - the equivalent of dropping the empty rifle to go for your pistol - then auto-reload would indeed be punishing. Since it is, I submit that your fix preventing auto-reload is in fact a nerf. One that really bends over crossbows completely, and hunting rifles nearly as much.
  9. Um. To be totally honest, I've never had that issue at all, because if I get surprised by something coming up behind me and attacking when I'm shooting, I'm automatically going to sprint away, not just walk. And sprint removes you from ADS when you do it. If anything, the only thing that ever trips me up in ADS as a toggle is that you can't jump - when you try to, nothing happens. But not having to go back into ADS manually when you're stealth clearing a room is really nice honestly. As for auto-reload being crap, sure... unless it's a single-shot weapon. in which case, as I think
  10. Well, that's exactly what I'm complaining about with Crossbow, so if you really do want that switch to crossbow. You'll even get an option for a scope. That said, even if the shot is perfect, you're going to have to re-aim because there's a change for recoil for some strange reason. Never really understood that - if anything, my bow is lower after I release (IRL I mean) because you're not gripping the stave unless you want to screw up your aim - but it rises fairly significantly. Never much bothered me though from a gameplay perspective.
  11. Not Gazz, but if you right-click, ADS toggles on. If you right-click-and-hold, it goes into ADS until you release the right mouse button. Otherwise pretty much the same. EDIT: And I see Roland beat me to the punch. Reading fail on my part. I don't recall ever seeing a journal entry, I just sort of stumbled across it early on because I've always stealthed POIs.
  12. If there's a new crossbow, it's not in Latest Experimental. Just checked recipes and I'm seeing the same old Compound Crossbow we had in A18, and the Iron Crossbow as the only two weapons. I admit I have not tried the Compound Crossbow in A19 - haven't gotten a schematic for it yet - but unless ADS works fundamentally differently for Tier 3 weapons, it's still going to have the exact same problems without any real benefits over a Compound Bow. I mean, projectile speed makes it marginally easier to aim at range, but that's pretty minor. Respectfully Gazz, I'm choosing to have this issue
  13. Wanted to drop a bit of feedback - may have missed this but 574 pages and MM hasn't commented on it, so figured I'd toss it out there. Bow and (especially!) Crossbow have taken fairly significant quality-of-life hits this patch. With bow, it's more spammy-clicky now because after every arrow you need to ADS again, doubling the clicks per action on ADS and making it hard to use accurately when you're running around. I've completely dropped crossbow because of how awkward it is, despite it being my stealth weapon of choice in A18. Unlike bows, crossbows don't reload auto
  14. I know a couple of people have mentioned the marble texture thing, just wanted to point out that I've been getting that on random occasion since A17 I believe (definitely in A18), and I am getting it on RWG-generated maps currently, so it is definitely NOT an issue with NitroGen. I would love to know what the hell is causing it though. Had it in one POI where it was both covering a doorway and as blocks along an edge of a roofline inside an attic.
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