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  1. Agility is and has been my go-to, with mining on the side. I'm really enjoying ACTUALLY being able to sneak-kill a sleeper with a primitive bow and a headshot. In A18 that wasn't possible really - you needed a crossbow or wooden or better bow to do it. This was the one thing I was concerned about with the slower progression, that AGI playstyle would be broken at the beginning, but once I heard about the buffed damage for sneaks, I stopped worrying about it.
  2. Can we avoid broad stroke false statements? Please clarify. He was responding to me pointing out the problems in Multiplayer A18 Horde Nights where we were getting, as an example, 17 demolishers on Day 21 horde with five level 19-24 characters. Which you've already stated you've fixed - the post he was responding to was me not being convinced because I haven't seen it yet, and I don't know if there might be a bug in there is all.
  3. Exactly my point. And since I haven't done one yet in A19 (we're doing it today some time) we have no indication that they're not STILL broken. They say you're always fighting the last war, and we don't have anything else to go by, so here we are. I certainly hope we're in better shape, but until I've had a few MP hordes under my belt, I'm not trusting that we are - not through any fault of the Pimps either; bugs exist.
  4. Honestly, stage 2 tutorials would both be incredibly good and incredibly easy to overdo. I think the game would benefit dramatically overall though.
  5. I am NOT suggesting they rebalance the game around 5-10 hour players, and I don't know what I need to do to get that point across to people. I am providing feedback from a newish player who is frustrated with their game. I have gone out of my way to state I think that this will be net beneficial late game and am suggesting that MAYBE something pointing out that YOU NEED TO EAT HIGH END FOODS TO MINE EFFECTIVELY MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA. I've been gaming for 40 damned years now. I've done it the hard way, and there is a way to make it challenging without breaking new players as they walk in the door. I am not asking them to rebalance everything on the basis of Day 6 of a playthrough of a new Alpha. I am saying that, if they are balancing one system around the function of a completely DIFFERENT system, I think they need to do a better job of making that very clear to players. I am not coming here asking for a fix, I'm providing the Pimps feedback. I've noticed in the past (like, when we were getting 17+ demolishers on a Day 21 horde night) that getting the idea that a problem exists through to Madmole's - ESPECIALLY when it's a problem in Multiplayer - requires additional effort because he doesn't play MP. This is obviously not to that level, but it'd be nice if some consideration of how much a minor alteration in food availability might impact a particular playstyle. It's balanced fine in SP, but when you've gotta feed 5 people out of the same rough area, balancing around food becomes problematic.
  6. Have you done MP A19 Horde Night yet? We haven't. We've had Feral Wights and Cops on Day 7, Radiateds on Day 14, and Demolishers in quantity on Day 21 in A18. Sure they've nerfed the MP horde nights. I don't buy it until we've experienced it, repeatedly.
  7. Sure there are, and I know most of them. Again, I am not the one with the problem (though I can understand why you might think so). YOU spent 500 hours testing. You didn't get 50 1-10 hour players testing the first 5-10 hours of A19 for you yet. I'm telling you, I've got a 10-20 hour player here that is frustrated because your mechanics aren't clear. If she were totally brand new it might be different, but even then it'd be frustrating. And yes, we're mining on 50% food, because we don't have a choice. Your own team members are telling you food is rough in MP. What are we supposed to do, completely ignore that there's a horde night coming? Or do we mine for gunpowder to try and survive it?
  8. I love ya Madmole, but sometimes I wonder. Do you really think I'd be in here saying early game A19 is too rough for newbies if the reasoning was they can't use the Blue Iron Pickaxe I found for them? Our newb is our second miner. She had points in Miner 69er before I did and made the (orange) pickaxes we're currently using. She is angry and frustrated by the fact that she cannot use the tool she spent her first perk point to enable her to make worth a damn. She is frustrated that there is nothing saying "iron tool mining won't work unless you're overeating and drinking coffee" anywhere in the game. She accepts that I'm correct about it, but here we are very early Day 6 with nowhere near enough food for us to keep uniformly above the 50% hunger mark, and she can either "mine endlessly with a stone axe" and take 3+ times as long to break down a block, or she can take a 5 second pause after every block. You want this game to bring in new players, then you need to make sure they can figure out how to play the game without coming to the forums. Right now, for mining, you are failing at that objective. EDIT: 3 times as long was a pick from a hat, but it's close. 13 seconds vs. 29 seconds for iron pickaxe vs. stone axe. Except for the running out of stamina part, anyhow, that pushes it to 2 times as long.
  9. Observations on the stamina thing. A friend of ours said today, and I quote, "then why the hell did we update? This is terrible!" She's a relatively new player (started in 18.4) and likes to do mining. We currently don't have the food to waste on "hearty meals" for mining (for that matter, we don't have the food in the first place, never mind food to waste), we can't find coffee to save our lives, and she's ready to quit because she can't actually mine out a block while running out of stamina. I managed to get a hobo stew as loot and ate it, then did some mining (with red tea, all we had) and it felt like iron pickaxe mining at low levels in A18 - with 2 in Miner 69er, Motherlode, and Sex Rex. All that said, I can see when we're a few game weeks in where this will feel better and work better all around, but right now anyone who comes into the game as a new, primarily builder/miner type player, is going to find: Mining is painfully slow and frustrating, even once you get enough forged iron together for your iron pick; Food and coffee (which isn't THAT easy to come by) are functionally required to mine anything in a decent amount of time; There is, so far as I can tell, literally nothing in the game pointing the players to that fact. Or, to put it another way, you've successfully made stamina drain a concern that can be managed for veteran players, and in the process screwed over newbies.
  10. I just did some checking, I can tell you Left HUD looks to be the primary broken thing (which is sad), but Compass definitely still works just fine.
  11. My RWG multiplayer last night we had a trader outside of town that was a km away from spawn, and three of my 5 quests were 1.5+km away. The others were 6-700m out, in a wasteland town. So in some cases, not so much on the close stuff.
  12. For the backpack buttons, I'm assuming that for them to run on a server and the players to actually see the buttons, they need it installed locally, yes?
  13. Last I'd heard he was no longer playing 7 Days, so odds are (sadly) really poor that he will even see this, much less update them. The LeftHUD mods are flat-out broken, and remove the current health/stam bars. I used ForgeInput, Compass, and CraftingQueue but I haven't had a chance to check those yet - I'm hoping they work at least a little, though ForgeInput and CraftingQueue at least appear to have replacements by KhaineGB that do the job. I personally never used any of the others.
  14. If you haven't found it yet, put this in the ~//lgsm/config-lgsm/sdtdserver/sdtdserver.cfg file: branch="-beta latest_experimental" You want to basically put that right below where you put the ip information in that file, on a new line.
  15. I will accept the validity of me not including a link to the full post in my original, but grossly misrepresenting is - in my opinion - EXACTLY what Alloc did. He did not investigate in detail, he did not contact the mod developer to discuss the issue (or if he did, he made no effort to indicate such), and instead chose to go into someone else's thread, a long-running thread that was used to announce updates for two separate but related mods, and chuck one of them in front of a bus. That's irresponsible behavior from a community member, but it's far, far worse when it comes from a dev and he should damned well recognize that fact. I did not "grossly misrepresent" Alloc's statement, Roland. What I did was call him out on unprofessional behavior by a dev and challenged him to apologize for mishandling it. I in fact did not indicate that I had an opinion either way on whether he was right or wrong, and I don't know how much clearer I can be than "Your points may be valid, but that is completely beside the point." He could've been absolutely right in every particular and Prisma could've been the fount of all that is bad and evil in the gaming community, and Alloc STILL would've been in the wrong, because he handled it the wrong way. Sure his explanatory post moderates some of it - and therefore it should've been included in the original post, but it wasn't. And the post STILL should not have been made without attempts to rectify it before denouncing someone else's work to the community from the pulpit of Officialdom.
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