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  1. Has Nitrogen been updated (or does it even need to be) to support the latest a19 build that came out last week? If it does need to be updated, any ETA?
  2. Thank god.... I thought I was going nuts when the FPS would seemingly tank for no reason. Looking forward to this future update
  3. Steam Name: ssrjazz https://steamcommunity.com/id/ssrjazz/ Hours played: 466 Alpha Started: A17 Discord Name: ssrjazz#4929 Native language: English. I and several other twitch streamers play on a private server. We have squad streamed a lot of hours on a17 and a18. I also run a test private server to check out updates and experimental builds before playing on our “live” server. Would love to check out a19 both client and server if at all possible.
  4. #SpiritualMood #StillHopingForSunday
  5. I know my vote counts for exactly Jack Squat - but a public 10/6 release would be flipping awesome!
  6. Scrutinizing realism in a game with zombies in it.... *srednop* Seems counter-productive to me too...
  7. Darn. Anyone know what the 'usual' timeframe is for release into the wild after an event like this?
  8. Hey...I'm a streamer. I was streaming this afternoon in fact. I swear the world grew hills that didn't exist on the way out and thought I was going to roll the 4x4 and blow up on the way back to base. ....how do I make sure I'm in on the "...to Streamers"?
  9. Have seen them drop in airdrops occasionally, but yeah a17 is stingy with the damn beakers.
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