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Magazine & Schematics Skillpoints, E to Pickup Plants, 1Day Trader Refresh (A20)


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Tested on Alpha 20 (b218)

This post is for three different modlets that I find useful and run on my own server. All three are stored in the same Github repository, but are not related and can be used individually or together.


Magazine_Schematics_Skillpoint :: This Modlet modifies all Magazines & Schematics to give a quest called quest_Skill_Point_Reward, that auto-completes to give the player a skillpoint. The idea is that if you gain knowledge through reading, you should also gain a skill point. "Read" a magazine to gain a Skillpoint. "Use" a magazine to learn it.


Pickup_Plants_A18 :: This Modlet modifies all plants so that you can simple hit the E key to pick them up. This makes it super-easy to walk around a field of flowers and quickly pick all of them without having to swing your weapon or punch them. Mushrooms work now!


Trader_Refresh_1Day :: This Modlet modifies the trader so that their inventory refreshes and changes EACH DAY.


Current Release



Old Releases

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On 12/10/2021 at 12:11 AM, untasusu said:

for pickup plants, can you make it to pick triple amounts of plants with "living off the land" skill? 

can only pick up 1 plant while if i swing my weapon i get 3. 

Sadly no, this is limitation of the game coding.

On 12/16/2021 at 6:26 PM, wolverine576 said:

@Magazine_Schematics_Skillpoint if we read a book, then find that book again we can get the skillpoint part after that? So can we do both then?

yes, this is exactly how it works.

On 12/19/2021 at 2:18 AM, Murphy said:

Nice mod! Is it possible to make this mod pickup plants when farming too?

This should be possible.. but as mentioned, it would not work with living off the land.. which in my eyes is a pretty big requirement for farming. This is why I never bothered to do this. Getting only 1 from your farmed plant sucks. But having the advantage to rolling through a patch of cotton and picking it all quickly is nice.

13 hours ago, Ganeshakw said:

Bro, I have some knowledge about xml. If I want to add Rotten Flesh, Broken Glass and Bones to Trader's inventory, what do I need to do ? Kindly educate me.



Have a look in the traders.xml file for this. If all else fails, find the 7DTD Official Discord (linked at top of page here on the forums) and ask in the #modcreators-help channel.

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