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Loot quality control


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So if I want to elimate probability of all tier 6 loot dropping and only have then drop in custom boxes I created is there a mod for this or anyone know how I can manage this ? I’m guessing changing all loot prob to 0 for tier 6 loot or changing to max 5 then after telling the custom box to have max 6?

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Probably a better question for the mod discussion forum. My slightly-educated guess is that you'd need to create some custom loot groups for your special box (and a new container type for the box itself of course) and then modify the standard loot groups to eliminate T6 rewards. I do not think it will be an easy task, though you should only need to work with the GS-scaled groups, not the static ones. Unless there's some T6 stuff hiding in a static group.

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To add onto what Boidster said, you would modify the following groups:  lootqualityTemplates.  Keep going through them until you start seeing loot quality="6".  Just delete the 6's from the qualitytemplate levels and you should not get any Q6 loot in normal loot.  The file is loot.xml.


Then create a custom loot group and custom loot quality group for your custom containers and make sure those are set for Q6 gear.


So for custom loot quality group as an example:



    <lootqualitytemplate name="qualT6GearOnly">
        <qualitytemplate level="0,999999" default_quality="1">
            <loot quality="6" prob="1"/>




For the loot group, then you would do something like this



<lootgroup name="CustomT6PumpShotgunLootGroup" count="all" loot_quality_template="qualT6GearOnly">
    <item name="gunShotgunT2PumpShotgun"/>
    <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="3,9"/>


Creating a modlet to do this would be ideal as you can code xPath to look for all the references and remove them automatically rather than doing them one by one.


However, this is all theory right now as I am at work and can't try it out; but the logic makes sense to me  🙂

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Not sure if you need to do this change also, but I would recommend it based on looking through the loot file some more


 <qualitytemplate level="0,999999" default_quality="1">


Should probably be changed to


<qualitytemplate level="0,999999" default_quality="6">


It might not make a difference as the only option is for a Q6 loot item.  I might do some quick coding to see if both ways work, but not sure when I will get to it.

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