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Police pack car!?


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21 minutes ago, meganoth said:

Please use "Discussions and Requests" for discussion about mods, "Mods" is for mod authors to announce their mods


I don't even know what lspdfr is.


I apologize for the incorrect assignment of the post, lspdfr is a separate modification for playing for the police in GTA, I mean the fans of the game, the players there also play 7DTD, it would be very nice if someone would make a modification package for police cars in 7DTD , there are also quite a few fans of The Walking Dead, where the beginning begins for police officer Rick Grimes, again driving a police car in the world of 7DTD, there are also quite a few fans.

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"how many mods I see, most of them are useless"

How do you expect someone to help you when you start your post off with that? Sure, art is subjective and modding is art, but when you come here asking for someone to make an art piece, you don't start off by saying their art is useless..... Just a helpful tip for your future.

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