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mutated zombies / monsters mod?


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renderTimingPixel.pngso, I can't find any mod that adds new mutated zombies / monsters to the game.

why is there no mod for that yet? are there modders working on something like that?

it really baffles me that there isn't a mod like that yet... I think it's safe to assume that a huuuge chunk of players would enjoy something like this, right?

regular dayz is getting a bit stale, since the only thing you really have to worry about is another bloke with a gun... I want to experience more fear especially in the woods or villages. I want to feel haunted. I want to look around more often and be more paranoid.

I'd love something like back in arma mod, namalsk - the bloodsucker. I was actually afraid to walk around alone, especially at night. but I'd be happy with any kind of new mutated zombie / monster.

maybe even something that only "comes out" (spawns) when it's raining.. I dunno, just spice things up I guess...

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