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Controller problems


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Suggestion 1: More information.

Suggestion 2: A lot more information 😉


For example:

What operating system are you on?

Which controller is that?

Does the controller work with other games? Did the controller work with vanilla? Did the controller work in previous alphas?

Is the controller ignored completely or does walking work but not some buttons or vice versa?

Is there some message about the controller in the logfiles? https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/3956-how-to-report-an-issue-please-read-before-creating-new-threads/?tab=comments#comment-3956 tells you how to find the logfile, post it on pastebin and put a link to it here



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Xbox series X wired controller camel metallic blue My operating system is processors and processors until R court MI565 100 CPU at 3.20 GHZ and Dan installed ram as 16GB System type is 64 bit operating system than X64 base processor On my regular 7 days to die vanilla game I have no problems with it it's just when I try it when I log in to war of the walkers it would not let me use it do I need to get another controller and if I do which one

I don't know why it said that but my processor's Intel are core is TMI5 - 6500 CPU Installed ram is 16.0 GB My system type is 64 bit operating system X64 base processor

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If it works for vanilla but not for the mod, that can be one of two things right now:


Your mod is using an older version of 7D2D than vanilla so the controller support might be different, or


The mod is causing the issue with the controller


Have you asked the mod creator?

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