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We will wait for whatever it takes


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To start, sorry for my English, actually I am Latin American, but well that's not the problem, the problem is that I need to know what will be the future of the game on consoles, we have waited a long time and I understand, I know it's not easy to add updates from PC to console, I don't come to complain about TFP, I know that if they would have had the clear opportunity, we should already at least alpha 18 on consoles, I just want an answer on whether or not there will be an official update on consoles, at least on PS5, or if it is necessary also at least a little hope that it is possible that there will be one in a while.


And finally: 

1. This in part I say this on behalf of all console gamers, as we want a new answer apart from 2019, either yes or no or a new maybe.


2. I also want to apologize to all console players desperate for a new console update that started a peaceful dialogue, isolated TFP. 


3. Just in case something, thank you very much for your attention, I hope this gets to be read by the developers of 7 days to die and at least take something into account.


Again, thank you for your attention, have a nice day.

Again, thank you for your attention, have a nice day.

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Para empezar, perdón por mi inglés, en realidad soy latinoamericano, pero bueno ese no es el problema, el problema es que necesito saber cuál será el futuro del juego en las consolas, hemos esperado mucho tiempo y yo entiendo, sé que no es fácil agregar actualizaciones de PC a consola, no vengo a quejarme de TFP, sé que si hubieran tenido la oportunidad clara, ya deberíamos al menos el alpha 18 en consolas, Solo quiero una respuesta sobre si habrá o no una actualización oficial en las consolas, al menos en PS5, o si es necesario también al menos un poco de esperanza de que sea posible que haya una en un tiempo.


Y finalmente: 

1. Esto en parte lo digo por parte de todos los jugadores de consola, ya que queremos una nueva respuesta a parte de la de 2019, ya sea un sí o un no o un nuevo tal vez.


2. También quiero pedir disculpas a todos los jugadores de consola desesperados por una nueva actualización de consola que comenzó a dialogar pacíficamente, aislaron TFP. 


3. Por si acaso algo, muchas gracias por su atención, espero que esto llegue a ser leído por los desarrolladores de 7 días para morir y al menos tengan algo en cuenta.


De nuevo, gracias por su atención, que tengan un buen día.

Nuevamente, gracias por su atención, tenga un buen día.



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Not a developer but....


Based on the feedback from TFP over the last year or so, you won't be seeing an update for the console game for the following reasons:

  • Alpha 16 and below used the LBD method.  Alpha 17 and higher now uses a perk system.  Additional changes were made to the game also.  These changes would break the saves on the game which Sony and Microsoft are not allowing for console games.
  • The hardware for XBox and PS4 cannot run the game as it is today.  The current version of the game would require the next generation hardware.
  • Updating the old version would require hiring a console developer to do the work.  Since the console game was released back 2016, there is not a lot of interest to tackle that project as the profits are not there.  There might be interest after the game has gone gold and launched for the next gen consoles.
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Thanks for the information, I knew that the game could be updated for the next generation consoles but not with enough certainty to believe that it would. 


At least now I know that there is hope that they will update the game, we just have to wait and probably in a few years there will finally be something new in 7 days to die on consoles.


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