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Enemy weakspots on high level zombies and any future bosses


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Now when I say weakspot i mean parts on high level zombies and whatever bosses they add in the future that can be destroyed individually. Currently my only idea is on the upcoming gasser zombie who i assume can heal himself with his gas his gas bubbles which look like pus pockets can be destroyed when shot to eradicate his poison gas cloud making him easier to take down. as for any possible future bosses they should have some kind of big melee or ranged weapons such as giant hammer or blade arms made of bone or some kind of fleshy like spitters that shoot acid barf that be individually destroyed with bullets, something like that. I got influence for this idea from the system in doom eternal that they call "destructible demons" where demons like the aracnitron can have his plasma cannon blown off with gunshots. I know we already have limb destruction on zombies and animals but this idea would be a great expansion especially when bosses begin to show up.

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14 hours ago, arramus said:

Interesting... Destroying an acid sack to weaken attack or break through a thickened breast plate to expose the soft underbelly takes us back to the fundamentals of early arcade boss battles that never got old.

yep. I'm not sure if u saw the new gasser zombie yet arramus as they just started showing it off but since he has a unique way to heal himself and possibly other nearby zombies then that makes him a low level boss or mini boss as most people call it but as i said if TFP add a system to where we players can destroy the gassers sacks by shooting them to make him weaker then that should be enough for mod makers to add weak-spots to their own custom boss zombies so we can make the scorchers fuel barrels blow up or make the big engine on motorhead blow up. but either way adding weak-spots on enemies especially bosses is a good thing because it opens the door to all kinds of strategies on how to take down that particular target. Another game that influenced this idea is an old cold war themed side-scrolling shooter from 2004 called heavy weapon where u slaughter every commie the enemy throws at u and it influenced the weak-spot idea because a bunch of the bosses in that game have weapons that can be individually destroyed.

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