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Amalgamation of alpha 16 and current/future alpha skill system and weapon parts.


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With alpha 17 a lot of people were not happy with the dissapeariance of progressive skill tree and weapon parts
perhaps an amalgamation of current ones where you can create weapon parts out of current weapon parts so we do not have to pray for rng to give us a certain weapon parts while adding back the old alpha customisation fun and storage mess.
For other idea we could bring back the progressive skilling system when the more you do certain activity the better we are at it which also would unlock other or higer levels of a skill
the idea is most likely nothing unussual to see around here
perhaps as the new world is being created we could customise weather it'll have the new/old/amalgamation of both skilling and weapon system is activated so people that would not be happy with the change they could pick different option to make the game beautiful for all of us

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Yeah this is not going to happen.  Madmole has stated that LBD is not coming back, so I seriously doubt they will put forth any development resources to create a game that does both the current system and the LBD system.


Most likely you will need a mod to do this (Darkness Falls does it already).

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Honestly, I would really like to see LBD as an optional progression system but I have no bloody idea how to tackle the constant creation of tools aka spamcrafting to progress. Simply constant usage of a given item would progress automatically its craftable quality at the same time but not crafting itself - one and the only option that comes to my mind.


I would rather not see weapon parts in chests. Parts might have been obtained after dismantling the weapon or purchasing them directly from a trader. Having weapons in inventory while looting is enough in my humble opinion, no need for additional overloading with clutter while looting.

Either way, devs have to experiment when it comes to progression systems for the upcoming projects. 


Currently, I`m rather leaning towards the LBD system after so many years for a few reasons. Right now after introducing a skill point system players are bound to choose from 5 different playstyles/classes. Each weapon is assigned to a given playstyle, armour is available only in 2 classes as heavy and light types of protection. Usually, players choose a class based on weapon type either skills that help them to survive the first days - that`s my gut feeling. The current order of things doesn`t speak to me because I would rather have 1 main gate instead of 5. Leveling could have been simply slower or skills at 4th and 5th LVL more expensive with one main attribute. What I would love to see is complete freedom when it comes to leveling a particular weapon with a combination of skills to my choosing.


My honest opinion.

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