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Can't play Co-Op


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I try to join a friend server and they crash...I start a server and I crash... Try to join a dedicated server and connection does not go through and Might crash that server...I have private IP and apparently cannot do correct port forwarding. I have Forwarding set correctly through all routers. I have also set Firewall exceptions through TCP and UDP as well as excluded 7D2D with Windows Defender. I'm at a loss...My ISP tells me I have to pay $15 a month to allow port forwarding but other people I talk to have not had the same problem. I REALLY need  help here. I have tried to resolve this problem with other people in the discord with no resolution.

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I have gone through your suggestions. Every suggestion give to me by the Discord Community. Anything I have been able to find on Google. Everything here. I can not get it to work. I can play and join a server if Discord is not running (App or Web based). I have turned almost everything off in Discord that has been suggested (overlays, streamer mode, etc.). I would like to get some log files into the hands of Devs to see if they can figure out what my problem is. If this is possible. I will give logs of a single player game, MP game w/o discord, MP game w/ discord and whatever other run logs you want. I can try and connect to dedicated servers, P2P servers or whatever. I would just like to get this solved if possible. I have a NEW machine with ALL updated drivers. The Gaming machine is a ASUS ROG Strix G17 G712LW w/ 32G Ram. The problem happens wired and wireless. Let me know what I need to do please.


One Common thing I find in the Logs when it won't load MP w/ Discord is:


[NM] SocketReceiveThread error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  at ConnectionManager.Net_DataReceivedClient (System.Int32 _channel, System.Byte[] _data, System.Int32 _size) [0x0000b] in <8676d591e24b4790910cdee451580eac>:0 
  at NetworkClientLiteNetLib.NetworkReceiveEvent (LiteNetLib.NetPeer _peer, LiteNetLib.NetPacketReader _reader, LiteNetLib.DeliveryMethod _deliveryMethod) [0x00059] in <8676d591e24b4790910cdee451580eac>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.EventBasedNetListener.LiteNetLib.INetEventListener.OnNetworkReceive (LiteNetLib.NetPeer peer, LiteNetLib.NetPacketReader reader, LiteNetLib.DeliveryMethod deliveryMethod) [0x00008] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetManager.ProcessEvent (LiteNetLib.NetEvent evt) [0x000a0] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetManager.CreateEvent (LiteNetLib.NetEvent+EType type, LiteNetLib.NetPeer peer, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint, System.Net.Sockets.SocketError errorCode, System.Int32 latency, LiteNetLib.DisconnectReason disconnectReason, LiteNetLib.ConnectionRequest connectionRequest, LiteNetLib.DeliveryMethod deliveryMethod, LiteNetLib.NetPacket readerSource) [0x000aa] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetManager.ReceiveFromPeer (LiteNetLib.NetPacket packet, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint) [0x00047] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetPeer.AddIncomingPacket (LiteNetLib.NetPacket p) [0x00164] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetPeer.ProcessPacket (LiteNetLib.NetPacket packet) [0x00272] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetManager.DataReceived (System.Byte[] reusableBuffer, System.Int32 count, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint) [0x00279] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetManager.LiteNetLib.INetSocketListener.OnMessageReceived (System.Byte[] data, System.Int32 length, System.Net.Sockets.SocketError errorCode, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint) [0x0002d] in <6da05128343a426eb245eb86b1c82694>:0 
(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)


Thank you for your time


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