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Request to game DEVS, please....


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Please code in a way that pushes, even if temporary, modlets custom icons, when joining servers, surely cant be that hard to do, it would make us modlet makers lives a whole lot easier, and will enhance the visual look, theres a lot of us good icon makers out here, that get frustrated that we cant show our work in our modlets, due to the restriction


please devs


"Make it so"

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I’ve wanted this too. A possible “workaround” I’ve been toying with is to make all my mods (that are already without any major resources forcing client side installs, like extra blocks) have a second mod go with it with “-ClientIcons” appended to the mod name. This would contain all the icons and the xml to override the server side chosen icons/tinting in the original mod. 


the benefit would be when single player, you can load both mods and have the cool icons or choose not to load them (most likely you would choose to load them though). In multiplayer/server aide, If the server admin wants to include it (and the clients too) then you get cool icons but if not then the core/base mod(s) default to using default recolored vanilla icons. 

a pain, yes, but it would accomplish 2 things “while we wait”

- xml only mod makers could always code mods as server side only first, choosing appropriate vanilla icons/colors, then build the icon pack later (or not at all).  It might help speed up some development, even if a lot of mods would look janky without the nice icons. 
- by separating out the icons today, possibly several mods will be playable server side (as they could rip out the icons and make the second pack)

- if TFP ever allows icons to be transferred, everyone who had an icon pack can quickly merge the new icons in.

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