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Lam's Tristam's Crafting Tier 03-27-21 Crafting Perk for Combiner



Credits to LAM for framework of this mod.  When used with Lam's Master Mod, adds a new perk, Crafting Tier, under the LAM tree that adds 1 crafting quality per tier.  So on a new game, 1 rank will make all your weapons craft at level 2.  Stacks with default perks, so a Tier 1 in Deadeye and Tier 1 in Crafting Tier will produce Level 3 Perception Weapons.  With this mod, you can craft level 6 weapons, but it's really for mods that grant workbenches the old combine function.   Without this mod,  you will only be able to combine items up to a certain level.  Usually 4 or 2.  Now you can go all the way to tier 6 if you so desire.  Costs 2 points per rank until rank 3, in which it becomes 3 points.


ReQuests 03-27-21 fixes and icons






Fixed the broken quests.

Burnt Forest icons are now red to better differentiate them from Wasteland's.

Added text to quests when you read them describing the quest in a lore friendly way.

Quests are now named properly in your quest log.

All quests can now be seen on your map.

Rewards of some quests were not given out properly, this is fixed.  Ammo quests now only offer ammo as a reward.  All quests (with one exception) still offer EXP and Dukes.


New icons for the brand new quests to fit the theme.  Vehicle parts are shown for quests that reward parts.  A vehicle is displayed for quests that reward the vehicle itself.  In this version, only the 4x4 has a vehicle reward, which is available alongside its Parts version.  Other vehicles only offer Part quests att, and the Gyro is not included at all.


Probably some other crap I forgot about.



An updated and fixed version of my ReQuests mod.  Allows the crafting of a Bulletin Board that spits out quests once a week.  Old thread and thorough description here:


Tactical Action by IvanDX.  Updated to 19.4 with various tweaks to be more in line with vanilla.  Original thread here:


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ReQuest updated (see edit history)
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3 hours ago, ArNaLdInHo said:

i start new game, get to creative get quest and it works ? 


1º Start new game with only 1 mod your quests map naveteck

2º spawn and go creative get bulletin board 

3º buy quest and quest is disabled, why? you test it like this trie ??

That's what I was explaining in the last topic: If you try to get a quest for a situation your map doesn't support, you get nothing.  So if I have a map that's nothing but forest, using a snow-only questbook will make an empty quest.

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1 hour ago, Tristam said:

That's what I was explaining in the last topic: If you try to get a quest for a situation your map doesn't support, you get nothing. So if I have a map that's nothing but forest, using a snow-only questbook will make an empty quest.


Can you send-me that special map that quests works ?


I tried New Random Map ALL but ALL quests Disabled READ, also the bike parts etc ALL Disabled 50 quests ALL disabled


Whats the trick ? no mods only your mod, and dont work, i tried other quest mod and worked yours not





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I couldn't hazard a guess, since this mod was created on vanilla 19.4.  And I work on random maps as well, nothing special.  It's possible that something else in your folder was edited and you don't remember.  Especially if you installed DMT or something that edits things outside of the mod folder.  If I could recreate this, I could help you out.  Only thing that comes to mind is reinstalling 7 days.  Fresh.  Delete the entire folder so nothing is lingering (move your mods out until you figure this out) and then try.

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I figured out some issues with the Fetch and Clear 05 and 06 Tiers.  I've got it patched.  Gonna update the mod and upload.  When that's done, try that version.  I suggest that anyone who updates using my mod or any mods in general take screencaps of your skills, levels, items-- anything you're worried about losing.  Everything.  Then console those items back in if they're removed from updating.

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I saw something on 7daystodiemods where it said you might be looking for a way to prevent them from being placed near each other. The only mechanic i know of that works in that way is the bedrolls and land claims. I'd suggest duplicating the land claim and applying your board model and questing code to that. In that way, it will double as their land claim, and automatically prevent more from being placed nearer than the individual game settings allow for. 

Also, how cool of an idea. I'm waiting for that update you just mentioned an hour ago and I'm gonna try this out. Such a cool mod idea, thanks for making it!

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3 hours ago, Tristam said:

ReQuests updated.


Please update all quests descriptions like this one:



        <item name="Clear 01 Questbook">
            <property name="DescriptionKey" value="quest_REQuest_tier1_clear_offer"/>
            <property name="Extends" value="questMaster"/>
            <property name="CustomIcon" value="questMaster clear01"/>
            <property class="Action0">
                <property name="QuestGiven" value="REtier1_clear"/>





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I noticed that when using the prestige skills mod, which allows u to get one more reward from quests, u cant complete for example the new vehicle part quests, since they offer just 2 rewards while being able to accept 3 rewards. 
is there a way how i can get it to work

Sorry, at the wrong forum. The mod page on 7d studie went to this page.

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