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Low frames and lag


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Hi Everyone,


I am struggling with frames on 7DTD with any decent graphic options and wondered if anyone had any advice on the best potential upgrades to help.


FYI:  I play on a 2k screen (I know this won't help)


My system / setup specs are:


Intel I7-9700F

Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB


2K Samsung 144hz monitor


I'm lucky to get 60fps if on medium settings (only textures as ultra) and on horde night (LOL), i get around 15fps.


Totally appreciate although this is an old game it's very demanding due to the map not being static and the possibly of every block changing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




- ST

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My 2 cents......set resolution to 1080, disable all shadows and water effects and tick on dynamic resolution. Turn off occlusion, grass to far and textures to half. Sometimes vsyn helps, sometimes not. My laptop with Nvidia gtx 980m runs a steady 72 fps with these settings. Start there and increase one thing at a time to see the effects of each change, so you can make it prettier without sacrificing performance.

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