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SiNiCaL's Mods


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Hi all,

please be gentle as this is my first attempt at modding a game. Apologies if anyone has made these before but this is what I wrote for my personal games and just wanted to share to a community that gives so much. Vending was inspired after binge watching Glock9 and seeing how the "morning candy run" was becoming a routine.. I realized I was doing the same and wanted to break the cycle and add a bit of looting excitement


SiNiCaL Darkness

Modifies the Worldglobal.xml to reduce the moonlight ambiance , make it darker indoors and increase the day and night fog global effect. The aim is to increase each subtly.


SiNiCaL Vending

Changes blocks, loot and Traders. Vending machines now restock  every 7 days, but now broken vending machines can be smashed open or have their locks picked for loot (Food/drink/candy). Purses now also have a small chance to contain Candy. 


Any guidance or feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to use these or add them to your own larger mod packs. 


Wish list:

Find a way to change global fog color.

Find a way to change flashlight cone and brightness 

SiNiCaL_Darkness.zip SiNiCaL_Vending.zip

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