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  1. FranticDan Hi, you asked for help with translation into Russian. Do you have Discord? Igor Katamanga
  2. Hi Bar0th & friends! I installed the "Re-enable the prefab menu (A19)" mod to save my object in the game. But, when I try to save the selected object in the prefab-menu, an error occurs (in the console): there is no access to save to disk D. The game is running as administrator, all permissions are granted. In the prefab editor, saving works fine. Why doesn't work saving an object in the prefab-menu in the game?
  3. Hi IvanDX. Could you make a mod with only plants? And thanks!
  4. Hi Oakraven! Do you have SDX 0.6.0? Headbangers won't start without it, right?
  5. Sorry Oakraven! I was so glad that I found the mod, finally that I copied the wrong name 😁😅
  6. Hi Scavenger, Is this exactly the 5th version? In xml it is written that 4th Thanks a lot anyway!
  7. Scavenger! Thank you so much, you are the best! 👍
  8. Hi Bar0th! Could you update this mod for 19.2 to 19.3?
  9. Hello friends. Where can I find the Headbangers for Life mod for a14?
  10. How to add the Prefab of the farm "TelricsHorses2.0A19" to "CompoPack_47" for generating a map in "Nitrogen"? 1. Copy all FILES from the "CompoPack_47" "Prefabs"-folder into your Gamefolder "...\Data\Prefabs\". IMPORTANT: Please copy just the files from the folder, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE WHOLE PREFAB-FOLDER ITSELF (else it will not work) !!! 2. Copy all FILES from the "TelricsHorses2.0A19" "Prefabs"-folder into your Gamefolder "...\Data\Prefabs\". If the mod was installed from "7DModLuncher" the folder in the game will be located here: "...7DTD\Alpha19\zombira\zo
  11. Zombie Hunter, thanks I was wrong earlier. The correct line looks like this: MaybellsFarm,COMMERCIAL;RESIDENTIALNEW;RESIDENTIALOLD;RESIDENTIAL,0,-7,81,47,78,smalltown;alone;farm It would be nice to add MaybellsFarm(by_Telrics) But for this you probably need to rename all files and links in them to each other? As for the .pille, it is not needed, this is the format of the Pille prefab editor. I think many will like it, many are playing on their own maps. Keep it up, please in mod in Nitrogen.txt maybe?
  12. Thanks for the answer Zombie Hunter We need a line like this: "army_barracks_01, INDUSTRIAL, 2, -5,51,40,97, alone" Where: csv format: prefab_filename, 7DtD zone (ignored), face north, y-offset, x,y,z, NitroGen zone (; as delimiter) * prefab_filename: We need "MaybellsFarm" * 7DtD zone: We need "FARM" - farmhouses and fileds, watertower * NitroGen zone: We need "alone" - single POI in the countryside, camps, bases, huts As a result: "MaybellsFarm, FARM, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, alone" * Only the coordinates remain "face north, y-offset, x,y,z". Can you identify them? But,
  13. Hi Telrics, thanks for your mods! Question: how to add Prefabs from TelricsHorses2.0A19 to prefablist_CompoPack_47.txt for creating a map in Nitrogen?
  14. Thank you so much for your work!
  15. Please update this for A19
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