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Commercial POI Names


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I wanted to create a list of new business POI names for the level designers that fit in to the style of 7 Days to Die and are trademark free.


  • Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon (trademark dead)
  • Weirdough Bakery (trademark dead) We're Dough (not registered) 
    • Could be used as a Pizzeria
  • The Coronary Burger Joint (not registered)
  • Penetrator Locksmith (not registered)
  • Wilt's Flower Boutique (not registered)
    • or Nursery
  • Pete's Mortuary (not registered)
    • You whack 'em we stack 'em
    • You cut 'em we gut 'em
    • You slash 'em we stash 'em
    • You stab 'em we slab 'em
    • You kill 'em we bill 'em
  • Armed Forces Recruitment Center


I will add more to the list as I come up with them. Please feel free to add your thoughts. This is just a brainstorming area that the designers can look for inspiration.

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