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Death by Campfire Server Side Mod


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My aim was to make a server side mod that would alter the campfires to be as dangerous to walk on as they were when I started playing in a18. Then decided that made them more valuable, so to counterbalance the advantage they offer, I raised the heatmap strength of the campfire so it will call in screamers faster. 


You can find this mod here: https://gitlab.com/magejoshplays/7-days-to-die-a19-mods/-/tree/master/Death by Campfire


And here's a video of me testing it out: 


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Toasty. A few of these strategically placed on a BM shouldn't take too much fuel to last the whole event and act like a non stop molotov. Very interesting opportunities ahead and server side only which is even better. Nice concept and application.

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