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Use multiple versions


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Hello, this is my first post, and I wanted to consider the possibility of using several versions of the game, without having to download them again.

I have a server running alpha 18.4, and I would like to try the new version, as well as continue using old maps. Could it be taken into account for successive updates?

Thank you very much!! And I congratulate you for this great game, I have been following it for years, and I like it more and more 

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download the ones you want and copy them to different hard drive or folder and create short of the launcher exe to your desktop with special name so you know which version it is.. i do this all the time and as a tester i keep old builds for referencing and testing back to certain builds.


so dl the build you want, copy it to dif location.


repeat for each alpha or build you do.


Do Not let steam open the copied games. hence the create shortcut to desktop to start the game.





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