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Modlet Icons Help


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I am having an issue and cannot figure it out ->


I have installed a few modlets and placed them in root/7daystodie/Mods/MODLETSNAMEFOLDER (the folder includes the config folder/ resource folder/ uiatlases folder/ & modinfo.xml)


I have also just in case placed the same modlet folder into my steamapps/common/7daystodie/Mods folder


I reset server and Modlets work fine but the customIcons DO not work.


In search of help to get the icons working!

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all is good now - i double checked my client side files and had some resources missing -


For everyone looking Add all modlets to 7daystodie/mods folder


Add files to 7daystodie/data  --- Add the following folders with the same modlet folder files - *resources*  *UIAtlas - with these subfolders *ItemIconAtlas and UIAtlas*


Thanks guys Topic solved. Pushing the Icon packs to my comrades for the server.

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