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  1. I had nothing but errors with warzuks modlets - i decided to go with my fan and mess with my own modlets - just saying I tested each warzuk plugin stand alone and it errored on php 7.4 linux just saying - sorry warzuk i love the plugins but i got nothing but console errors on EVERY plugin with custom icons you made .... sad cuz i wanted a bunch of em
  2. np thanks for the help - im heading to work but ill get back on this when im off.
  3. I had unit_gold and unit_silver and the Mresources - but decided to take it out 10 mins or so ago. Ill give that above a shot
  4. Still in same boat - on the right side of "forge" it doesnt show iron , lead , or brass (were it counts how much you have in the forge) so in turn it cannot smelt the ores down. -
  5. Ahh maybe thats my mistake as I have this under xui.xml -> this should be switched to windows.xml? <configs> <append xpath="/xui/ruleset"> <window_group name="workstation_PreciousOreSmelter" controller="XUiC_WorkstationWindowGroup"> <window name="windowCraftingList"/> <window name="craftingInfoPanel"/> <window name="windowCraftingQueue"/> <window name="windowToolsForge" /> <window name="windowFuel" /> <window name="windowForgeInput" />
  6. Modlets don't push Icons to the player - icons have to be on both server and player for them to work.
  7. I have added my diamond tools to github if someone can double check to make sure I didn't miss something regarding the Icons (Player side I have the Icons going in 7daystodie/mods/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas so that should be fine - its server side) and T he Precious Ore Smelter I could really use some help with input/output of lead/iron/brass to make gold/silver nuggets and gold/silver nuggets smelted to make diamonds (May scratch the gold/silver smelted and just craft resourceRawDiamond in backpack/workbench since I will be using the BetterGems modlet to make grinded diamonds which will
  8. Solved Icon Issue - Still looking for help with other modlet. So I'm running dedicated and yes I know the rules for icon size / files and folders being on server and player mods folders I have quite a bit already working on my server. I have an issue with one of valmods modlets where only half the icons show and on 2 custom modest I made the icons simply won't show even as I triple checked the sizes / paths to the folders.files and made sure the png files matched the items.xml file for CustomIcon = "file". I am currently at work but when I get home I will throw you guys my GitHub with the file
  9. all is good now - i double checked my client side files and had some resources missing - For everyone looking Add all modlets to 7daystodie/mods folder Add files to 7daystodie/data --- Add the following folders with the same modlet folder files - *resources* *UIAtlas - with these subfolders *ItemIconAtlas and UIAtlas* Thanks guys Topic solved. Pushing the Icon packs to my comrades for the server.
  10. As said above I have also just in case placed the same modlet folder into my steamapps/common/7daystodie/Mods folder Also for the hell of it I added the icons to my steamapps/common/7daystodie/data folder still not working
  11. I am having an issue and cannot figure it out -> I have installed a few modlets and placed them in root/7daystodie/Mods/MODLETSNAMEFOLDER (the folder includes the config folder/ resource folder/ uiatlases folder/ & modinfo.xml) I have also just in case placed the same modlet folder into my steamapps/common/7daystodie/Mods folder I reset server and Modlets work fine but the customIcons DO not work. In search of help to get the icons working!
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