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[Progression.xml Question] Adding Items to the Inventory

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Is it Possible to give items in progression.xml?

For Example:

<perk name="perkUrbanCombatLanding" parent="skillUrbanCombat" max_level="1" base_skill_point_cost="0" name_key="bookUrbanCombatLanding" desc_key="perkUrbanCombatLandingDesc" long_desc_key="perkUrbanCombatLandingLongDesc">
<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1" value="1" tags="armorMilitaryStealthBoots"/>

I want the Item "armorMilitaryStealthBoots" not the Recipe... anyone knows ?

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If i am reading it right you just want to spent 1 skill point and the boots should magically appear in your inventory

if that is the case why not just use the console command and spawn them in ?

or just copy paste the stoneaxe recipe and replace stoneaxe with the boots.


FYI i have no idea how to make something magically appear in your inventory with perks

i can however very easily make a small modlet to let you unlock the recipe with a perk

just let me know what you really want and i might be able to help you further

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Im write the full  whole Story, sorry ! :D 


The last time i played with my friends 7D2D, it was cool and we do some @%$*#! in the Game, very Funny but we reaching "Midgame" or "Endgame" all Player maxing out Skills&Attributes (and i want you have to choose), all Player have 90% of PerkBooks, maybe full Level 6 Quality Items , Running with MR10, Rocket Launcher and other Stuff, killing friends like hell :P...

but the Point is, you cant miss something.


And on my opinion i was evertime this Person, i want to see behind the games;



So i Try out and new Gameplay Style.


You starting with stone things, then leather then scrap iron,then iron,than military(editing value of  items in item.xml for lightarmor or heavyarmor choose etc),then steel


And yeah its not actually finished, its just the idea behind


First in the Loot.xml, i want actually here, a tier based on level stages:

	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_1-25">
		<loot level="1,25" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="26,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_26-50">
		<loot level="1,25" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="26,50" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="51,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_51-75">
		<loot level="1,50" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="51,75" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="76,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_76-100">
		<loot level="1,75" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="76,100" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="101,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_101-125">
		<loot level="1,100" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="101,125" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="126,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_126-150">
		<loot level="1,100" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="126,150" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="151,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_151-175">
		<loot level="1,150" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="151,175" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="176,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_176-200">
		<loot level="1,175" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="176,200" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="201,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_201-225">
		<loot level="1,200" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="201,225" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="226,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_226-250">
		<loot level="1,225" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="226,250" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="251,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_251-275">
		<loot level="1,250" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="251,275" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="276,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_276-300">
		<loot level="1,275" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="276,300" prob="1"/>
		<loot level="301,999" prob="0"/>
	<lootprobtemplate name="M1croProbTemplateLootingLevel_301-999">
		<loot level="1,300" prob="0"/>
		<loot level="301,999" prob="1"/>

and the idea behind this is like what im saying. and this with, ammo,medical,armor etc

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
						W E A P O N   T I E R 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Making T3.5? / Whats about after ? / Give Player Chance to Finding Weapon on Lower Tier? / Trader.xml? / etc
<!-- T3 126-150 Steel -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT3" count="1">
	<item name="gunM60"/>
	<item name="gunMR10"/> 	
	<item name="gunRocketLauncher"/>
	<item name="gunPumpShotgun"/>
	<item name="gunSMG5"/>
	<item name="gunAK47"/>  

<!-- T2.5 101-125 Military/Steel -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT2.5" count="1">
	<item name="meleeToolSledgehammerSteel"/>
	<item name="gunHuntingRifle"/>
	<item name="meleeClubBaseballBat"/>
	<item name="meleeToolKnifeMachete"/>
	<item name="meleeThrownSpearSteel"/>
	<item name="meleeKnucklesSteel"/>
	<item name="gunDoubleBarrelShotgun"/>
	<item name="gunCrossbowCompound"/> <!-- Level 95 with Archery -->
	<item name="gun44Magnum"/>

<!-- T2 76 - 100 Iron -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT2" count="1">
	<item name="gunPistol"/>
	<item name="meleeToolKnifeCandy"/>
	<item name="meleeClubCandy"/>
	<item name="gunCrossbowIron"/>	<!-- Level 69 with Archery -->
	<item name="meleeToolSledgehammerIron"/>

<!-- T1.5 50-75 Scrap Iron -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT1.5" count="1">
	<item name="meleeToolKnifeIron"/>
	<item name="meleeClubIron"/>
	<item name="meleeThrownSpearIron"/>
	<item name="meleeKnucklesIron"/>
	<item name="gunBowCompound"/> <!-- Level 43 with Archery -->

<!-- T1 26-49 Leather -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT1" count="1">
	<item name="gunBlunderbuss"/>
	<item name="meleeStunBaton"/>
	<item name="meleeKnucklesLeather"/>
	<item name="gunBowWooden"/> <!-- Level 17 with Archery -->

<!-- T0.5 Level 1-25 -->
<lootgroup name="WeaponT0.5" count="1">
	<item name="meleeToolKnifeBone"/>
	<item name="meleeClubWood"/>
	<item name="meleeThrownSpearStone"/>
	<item name="gunBowPrimitive"/>
	<item name="meleeToolSledgehammerStone"/>

<lootgroup name="WeaponTierAll" count="1">
	<item group="WeaponT0.5"/>
	<item group="WeaponT1"/>
	<item group="WeaponT1.5"/>
	<item group="WeaponT2"/>
	<item group="WeaponT2.5"/>
	<item group="WeaponT3"/>

and in the progression.xml

<level max_level="301" exp_to_level="10000" experience_multiplier="1.00" skill_points_per_level="1" clamp_exp_cost_at_level="60">
<attributes min_level="1" max_level="10" base_skill_point_cost="10" cost_multiplier_per_level="1.00">
<perks min_level="0" max_level="5" base_skill_point_cost="6" cost_multiplier_per_level="1" max_level_ratio_to_parent="5">
			<passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" level="1,2,3,4,5" value="1,2,2,3,4" tags="perkArchery"/>
			<!-- Bows/Crossbows -->
			<!-- T1 26-49 Leather -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1,5" value="1" tags="gunBowWooden"/> <!-- Level 17 with Archery -->
			<!-- T1.5 50-75 Scrap Iron -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="2,5" value="1" tags="gunBowCompound"/> <!-- Level 43 with Archery -->
			<!-- T2 76 - 100 Iron -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="3,5" value="1" tags="gunCrossbowIron"/> <!-- Level 69 with Archery -->
			<!-- T2.5 101-125 Military/Steel -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="4,5" value="1" tags="gunCrossbowCompound"/> <!-- Level 95 with Archery -->
			<!-- T3 126-150 Steel -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="5" value="1" tags="modGunBowPolymerString,modGunBowArrowRest"/> <!-- Level 121 with Archery -->
			<!-- Ammo -->
			<!-- T1 26-49 -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="1,5" value="1" tags="ammoBundleArrowStone,ammoBundleCrossbowBoltStone"/> <!-- Level 17 with Archery -->
			<!-- T1.5 50-75 -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="2,5" value="1" tags="ammoArrowIron,ammoCrossbowBoltIron,resourceArrowHeadIron"/> <!-- Level 43 with Archery -->
			<!-- T2 76 - 100 -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="3,5" value="1" tags="ammoBundleArrowIron,ammoBundleCrossbowBoltIron"/> <!-- Level 69 with Archery -->
			<!-- T2.5 101-125 -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="4,5" value="1" tags="ammoCrossbowBoltSteelAP,ammoArrowSteelAP,resourceArrowHeadSteelAP"/> <!-- Level 95 with Archery -->
			<!-- T3 126-150 -->
			<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" level="5" value="1" tags="ammoBundleArrowSteelAP,ammoBundleCrossbowBoltSteelAP"/> <!-- Level 121 with Archery -->

if you are 301, you can maxing out 2x 10/10 attributes and 4x 5/5 skill /perk trees so in this chase, you have 3 option to get recipes,if you not specialize.

you are in the level stage,you skilling and specialize,you find the recipe(low chance),or you find the perk books (low chance)


And now back to topic :D


the reason why i want to know that is, its better for me here to giving items, indeed of the recipe, because its more harder, but if you cannot help me i find a new way :D

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