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Engine Noise driving me crazy !


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Is it just me, or does the engine noise (especially the 4x4) just drive you nuts ?
I have to mute whenever I go on a trip because it annoys me so much.
I hope TFP will eventually bring out a "Radio" vehicle mod which mutes the engine and plays music or hell, even an earplug helmet mod would do !!

but, in the meantime, is there a mod I can't find that mutes vehicles ? and if not, why not ? Surely it isn't just me ?


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I did some playing around and searching on the forums. Apparently, you have to change the volume of the sound file itself through unity, and then write an xpath code to use those sound files instead. I am still new to Unity, but perhaps someone else can provide more info? I really was hoping it was as simple as adding a "volume" attribute somewhere, but couldn't get any of it to work.

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@Riles, you're correct, but I'm not sure how to add a volume attribute (way beyond my experience level)...but here's the way I'd do it. Don't be discouraged by all the reading, once you get it down and have a working example (and the tools downloaded and installed) its not too hard to add/modify a game sound.


To do this requires a little bit of work and may be frustrating if you haven't done it before (have to install tools, probably have to read up on how to use them a little).  You'll have to extract the game sounds (I believe people still use the UABE tool: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/1871-unity-assets-bundle-extractor/ ) then for each sound you want (You'll to search a bit for them in the assets files, they're just .wav files when extracted by UABE) , load each one you want to modify into a sound editor (maybe use Audacity, or choose your favorite ) then adjust the volume levels and re-save the sounds as .wav files.  I made a sound modlet and I just extracted *all* the game sounds and then went through them vs extracting one at a time.


Then you have to get the .wav files into unity just so you can get unity to export them in the proper format.  This post should help: adding a new sound

On page 2 I made a very large post about how to add a new sound and some of the issues I ran into.  But the other posts are good for learning the process.  Its actually relatively easy once you do it once.  I found the hardest part was figuring out which version of Unity to use, and figuring out what export script I had to download and load.


Once exported into the unity format, then you can make a modlet to use the XPATH commands replace the sounds. The modlet should be really small and easy.  Here's my modlet that "adds/appends" new sounds as an example, so your XML/XPATH would have to be a little different to "replace" them: Doughs-Buff-Sounds-Common


There's more XPATH tutorials in the forum here: tutorials-guides

A good one to start with looks like: xpath-modding-explanation-thread

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4 hours ago, Riles said:

I love well thought out instruction guides! THANKS!

You're welcome and I hope it's useful :).  There might be ever better ways to accomplish this, its just as far as I've gotten.  Whenever I try to use Unity I get really frustrated as its waaaay beyond my normal day to day "computer stuff", but I reread your post and I noticed you said "you have to change the volume of the sound file itself through unity".  I do think this is possible, as when I was messing with it there are a lot of things you can do with sound "assets"? (i think they're called assets) you load into unity.  I'm betting changing the volume is one of those things.  When I used Unity to bundle my sound files I didn't touch any of the default settings as I used Audacity to change the sound files as that's a tool that makes more sense to me (and I was doing sound editing/remixing in those tools, which I don't think Unity can do) :)  Anyway, you might be able to cut out the steps of using an external/secondary audio app to change the volumes.


I wish you well on your "modding journey"!


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So much trouble for a few stupid audio clips ... I give up.
Spent the past cpl hours fiddling, thought I was done... but the game crashed whenever I jumped in the 4x4...

rebooted... still the same... checked your reply and realised I got ahead of myself and just imported the edited .wav files using UABE and replaced the original resources file....

I only have an old one backed up, which fails to load the game when switched. 

So I started trying to download Unity... followed it all, went to install the newest one and it decides the 8gb I have on my drive isn't enough.


I'm done.


(Thanks very much for your replies tho... I might try again some time)


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