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  1. aah, well spotted, that's because I'm stingy and sold those to the trader 😄
  2. So, I don't know whether anyone has bothered showing this before.... but this is the clothing loot from a single Savage Country POI. Cloth and Paint for MONTHS 😄
  3. This is my first venture into the winter biome, and not only are there purple pole_diagonal_centered_cross (which break down like stone blocks) there are what appears to be quest marker positions flashing all over the biome. Any ideas ? It's A19 b180, same world since the a19 experimental was released but I've never had any problems in other biomes or with anything else. I'm going to assume this is one of the reasons why they recommended a new game for b180 ? If so I'll just have to grin and bear it for now... day 133 and it's hardly gamebreaking, just weird.
  4. So much trouble for a few stupid audio clips ... I give up. Spent the past cpl hours fiddling, thought I was done... but the game crashed whenever I jumped in the 4x4... rebooted... still the same... checked your reply and realised I got ahead of myself and just imported the edited .wav files using UABE and replaced the original resources file.... I only have an old one backed up, which fails to load the game when switched. So I started trying to download Unity... followed it all, went to install the newest one and it decides the 8gb I have on my drive isn't enough. I'm done. (Thanks very much for your replies tho... I might try again some time)
  5. Is it just me, or does the engine noise (especially the 4x4) just drive you nuts ? I have to mute whenever I go on a trip because it annoys me so much. I hope TFP will eventually bring out a "Radio" vehicle mod which mutes the engine and plays music or hell, even an earplug helmet mod would do !! but, in the meantime, is there a mod I can't find that mutes vehicles ? and if not, why not ? Surely it isn't just me ? Cheers
  6. I thought I was bad by spawning in decorative items such as the iron walkways, the nice blue iron doors, plus a pool table for the rec room etc, back in A18... but I always 'gave back' the equivalent mats (ie taking the wooden walkway recipe mats, and destroying the equivalent amount of forged iron or steel) I originally thought this was why, at gamestage 1000, I still never got the achievement, but turns out it was because I turned hordes off (it got to a stage where it was just an inconvenience and a boring chore to deal with them every 7 days 😄)
  7. Well this one hits home, seeing as I wasted all the points trying to spec into make super corn seeds (which turned out to be a mistake on the tooltip) because my hunger was dropping out ridiculously..... I was delighted to finally get a Super Corn seed recipe within an IRL day of the new patch.... THEN to see how nerfed it actually was.... Needless to say I wasn't a happy survivor.
  8. Hey all Just wondering, as per title, whether there is a mod/modlet that shows the sell-value an item would have if it were fully repaired, or (even better) shows whether it would be worth repairing the item before selling it to a trader. (Obviously the cost of repair kits is objective... do you count the value of a kit as the sell value or the buy value) Just an idea. Cheers
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