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Bring Back Craftable Weapon Parts


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as of alpha 19 for all of us who've played it so far we've all realized gun parts are not easy to come by. the only two ways to get a sufficient amount of weapon parts to craft a decent weapon to loot more then a couple POI's or search all the traders every 3-4 days in-game.  my simple suggestion is that "bring back craftable weapon parts". one clear way that this can be accomplished  with in a reasonable manner. Add back in the tool and die set and make a tool location spot inside of the workbench. much like how the forge has three spots for the bellows, anvil, and crucible. with every type of weapon part. they can be unlock viva two ways.

Option 1: rank 1-3 of that gun/weapon perk


Option 2: find the schematic if your not perked into that class.

I'll leave the Material costs / Requirements to the Fun Pimps and hopefully they could bring some balance to this idea. but, before I leave this here for the community to input on this idea here is and example. (Different Types of Weapon parts will have Different Material Costs/Requirements)

Rifle Parts

3 Springs

5 Forge Iron

4 Mechanical Parts

2 Glue


(NOTE: This is an idea for base game content not modded content. so modder's please do not advertise your mod here.)

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I think a CNC work bench, that takes a long time to craft them, and also generates a buttload of heat and needs electricity would be a better option. Also, it will have a slot for bits that will be crafted in the forge, and bits will wear down and break.  


When i say a buttload of heat, i men BUTTLOAD of heat. It will summon screamers. The will come out of the wood work, they will be curious, they will want in, and they will want to break the cnc machine and they will scream if they see it. 

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