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  1. as of alpha 19 for all of us who've played it so far we've all realized gun parts are not easy to come by. the only two ways to get a sufficient amount of weapon parts to craft a decent weapon to loot more then a couple POI's or search all the traders every 3-4 days in-game. my simple suggestion is that "bring back craftable weapon parts". one clear way that this can be accomplished with in a reasonable manner. Add back in the tool and die set and make a tool location spot inside of the workbench. much like how the forge has three spots for the bellows, anvil, and crucible. with every type of weapon part. they can be unlock viva two ways. Option 1: rank 1-3 of that gun/weapon perk OR Option 2: find the schematic if your not perked into that class. I'll leave the Material costs / Requirements to the Fun Pimps and hopefully they could bring some balance to this idea. but, before I leave this here for the community to input on this idea here is and example. (Different Types of Weapon parts will have Different Material Costs/Requirements) Rifle Parts 3 Springs 5 Forge Iron 4 Mechanical Parts 2 Glue (NOTE: This is an idea for base game content not modded content. so modder's please do not advertise your mod here.)
  2. @Roland I can understand where you're coming from once I looked into a bit and ill take what I can get. I appreciate the reply 😀
  3. Watched all the streams on youtube here recently. I gotta say that i'm definitely impressed with what's coming out in Alpha 19. my only suggestion is that players have an option somewhere in the menu to turn on/off health bars instead of having to delve into the Xml file to turn them on.
  4. this is a pretty cool idea... a world with zero respawning zombies. I think that would bring in a whole new dynamic to the game. of course with zero loot respawn and if a hardcore option was added in for players where if you die once your world is deleted (ect. minecraft). then in my personal opinion this would be Fantastic!
  5. just a simple question. but, seeing how everything is getting an HD remake. I'm guessing we'll see new models for armor/clothing coming in the future as well? p.s. Kankle Boots ugly AF.
  6. Steam name: Doc Mockingbird https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073040571/ Hours played: 1,264 Started on Alpha: 13 Discord name: Doc_Mockingbird#3278 Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10
  7. All weapons will have 3 tiers. New top tier Auto Shotgun New mid tier Machine Gun New low tier Junk Sledge New top tier Junk Drone I love this; but, I do have one question. Will their be a new low, mid, or top tier added in for the Hunting/Marksman Rifle?
  8. with a couple tweaks and bit of a model makeover it'll be just fine for use. but, still close but no cigar.
  9. Hopefully one of The Fun Pimps sees this and thinks "yeah... its a good idea we'll add it in" lol
  10. I always thought it would look more like.... A Nice old standard cast iron wood burning stove. but, made too look more rugged.
  11. Personally, I think that if it only cooked 2 different items at the same time. but, with accelerated crafting timers would be a lot more balanced. love the idea through. making it look like an ol'fashion wood burning stove would make it fit in with the style of game. along with look of it being hand crafted with the material available on hand much like all the other crafting bench's.
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