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Motor tool parts are now rarer than the tool themselves.


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RNG has definitely dealt me some wins and losses in my current game (my only guess unless it's some bug). I looted a full set of Level/Quality 6 padded armor by day 4 or so and have struggled to find most L/Q 6 other armor even by day 49. I wasn't upset (I was thrilled tbh) cause I mostly use the padded armor for the first 20 levels of so anyhow.


At the same time I found very few mods for said armor making the reward less of a reward and more of a poke in the eye, lol. Semi similar affect with weapons, level 6 primitive bow followed by a level 6 wooden bow yet only a level 3 compound bow by day 49.  Very few compound bow and compound crossbows for that matter, may have just been my RWG luck but who knows. Decided to play a small map since large maps tend to just spread the cities out more vs spawn more POI's.


Definitely found more motor tool parts than motor tools, rarely use them prior to day 35 anyhow, I tend to balance most perks early on and make all my weapons/tools/skills more effective (1 is infinitely larger than 0).





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