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  1. so after playing a few characters in 18 and 1 in 19 with little to know ranks in intelligence or strength, I would love if I could pay an NPC to craft for me. I could even be required to provide the materials. TFP can do the balancing. but the lack of a t5 or 6 motor tool at level 60 was really getting annoying. or any t3 or t4 hand tools at level 20 if your not lucky/crafting. anyway, they got all those crafting stations at their locations. they should be using them.
  2. not been the case for me. I have seen a single chain saw, t1. have over 100 motor tool parts (looting and buying). am now level 35 and on day 24.
  3. I would love to see another tier of work stations. all run on electric to reduce the annoying running around to keep things fueled. multi que and craft would be so awesome, but I would also like this to generate more "heat" for zombies. this is a survival game and it should be that more convenience = more attention. maybe the rumored bandits would fix this.
  4. as it stands, no. you'll need to remove items no longer in the game from the loot group. or add all the items back. i reduced it to nothing and then added my own items.
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