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  1. LOL. If you think so. I flatly disagree and directly state you are living in a dreamworld. I started playin in A15/16 and that @%$*#! is GARBAGE compared to A19. You are just pissy over a recode that isnt finished yet and might as well be on here asking to go back to 56k dial up because it reminds you of the golden age when telephones wernt the devil. Whatever. x'D Youre entitled to your wrong opinion. Again, thank god yall the minority.
  2. 'Get rid of all difficulty to the game, make it minecraft MK2 and kill the playerbase because all we really want is a modded version of minecraft.' No. This is a terrible direction to go. You like that trash version? Feel free to go play it. Glad you can and leave a good game alone. Thank god your voice is the minority. Id refund this game if it was minecraft MK2. Firm no. A19 is the way to go. You enjoy A16 minecraft tho, ya hear? Check the steam charts- A16 had wayyyyy less people than now. Youre the minority.
  3. I also griped about this in the bug area. It was actually a bug that they are working on fixing. As of the recent EXP friday 8/7 (I think) they changed the RWG and it favors green biome a bit less rigidly. In short, the pimps WANT green focused in the center of the map. They did relax how much green spawns in the center but alas, I think were gona get pushed out of starting in desert, snow and burnt forest biomes a majority of the time. There is a modder who consistantly has a RWG mod running tho, check the mod nexus.
  4. The show-stoppers are fixed from what I notice. A few look-pretty bugs here and there, some optimizations could still happen but All-in-all I think the crashes and show stoppers have been handled. Stable coming next week perhaps? I wana move to a long-term file for a bit.
  5. As of the EXP 169 or w/e, Direwolves and such only spawn at night. In green biomes, you can still see them, just very rarely during the day. Its part of incentive to go out more at night. Wait till you guys realize sleepers respawn 100% of the time in the wasteland at 2200. LOL Night time is a HUGE exp farm now.
  6. It was desperately needed. Many thanks.
  7. Stone boulders down to 400hp from 600. Concrete buffed Did you guys just take away our stone gathering meme? My sincere thanks.
  8. What if... We allowed blunderbuss to load 2 shots at the cost of spread and some damage? (Both fired at once) Or in reverse, load 2 shots as extra powder for more range/damage? Black powder weapons (Which is what I think this is mimiced as) can actually do similar things. You can add more powder for penetration and range, albeit the accuracy is reduced. You can also add larger balls for more impact power. How about a little blunderbuss love if its going to be a staple weapon instead of a scraped object now?
  9. With the change to rarity to motor tools at traders, we forgot to change the rarity of the tool parts to match and thus;motor tool parts are now rarer than the motor tool itself. Oops?
  10. There is talk in other places about a weapon rework coming... At some point in the future. (Get ready to have to scrap your favorite gun when you cant repair it anymore.) If you are crying now, just you wait my friend. Your jaw gona hit the floor when you see what the pimps have in store for us in upcoming patches. ❤️ lol -Its also been suggested to allow players to craft high tier items but have these parts be extremely rare, in exchange for having limited repairs. 😛 Choose your poison carefully.
  11. Green biome for RWG seems to take up at least 60% of the map on every seed. Worse- there seems to be little to no variation in biome diversity in RWG either. Suggestion: Reduce green biome forced minimum to about 40-45%, allowing for other biomes to be more prevelant in other seeds. (I want to be able to start in the desert sometimes guys)
  12. Not sure if this is the right place or 'bug' reports but its more of a balance suggestion so here goes: Zombie hp was nerfed by about 150/250hp (On default difficulty) I think this is good for the early game. However, the game does not scale nearly fast enough to keep up with the item drops one gets. This makes it so once you get into some iron armor or leathers that are lvl 2 or so, you basically become unstoppable so long as you dont get cornered and even then, not much risk due to the CC one can output. Id like to suggest the zombie scaling be ramped up in larger increments on GS 12 and 30 respectively (Or thereabouts) to account for the gear upgrades. Linear scaling might be hard to pull off with the current GS model and thus might require a lil bit of additional boosting on the games innate GS power spikes. Perhaps give them 5GS or so after the tier so they have a chance to loot/quest for some better gear before the spike. I like the concepts, just want it sliiiiightly harder to present some sort of challenge as time progresses.
  13. Remember the good days when vehicles ran on a similar system and what you used to make them affected its stats? Good times. Add that to weapons with this system please. That actually sounds fun.
  14. Allow me to introduce myself, Im currently learning how to break the A19 ai and I do this on every patch this game has made. Currently, if you actually make zeds fall 2 blocks via stairs, you can actually manage to make them fall off your tower and run back up without triggering the 'fall protocol' which is stand up and attack foundation till despawned. (With bonus block damage) Thing is, in IRL zeds would be just as dumb if not even worse. Pathing the zeds like we do is not just smart its common sense. You wouldnt want to risk your life defending an unsafe location would you!? Be happy! The A19 ai changes made it so you have to allow them to path to you or else they just merc your base. Too bad ai is still hella abusable and were nerfed to about 33% HP lmfao Zeds wont even path a single block jump now unless the player is DIRECTLY within reach after the jump. OTherwise, they ignore and break thru walls instead. The reason the AI improves at all is because they can watch us break it and adapt their stategy to ours. Its a very long and involved game we play. Did you even consider how many dozens of hours and time it takes to learn AI pathing without reading the code for it? lololol. We do the work you hate to improve the thing you love. x'D PS: I file ai abuses as bugs when confirmed.
  15. Crafted items are *supposed* to randomize stats and mod slots (I dont think its working atm) So, there is actually a reason to craft more... That being said, id love to see an expansion on weapon crafting tbh. It feels so useless in current form. Lack of parts are really the reason we dont want to keep crafting for mod slots or incramental increases of stats.
  16. So, were gona be able to find MORE parts then right? Id take that change. Absolutely not true in multiplayer. I make many things for my players consistantly and them in reverse. Sometiems we dont take weapons skills till GS 30ish and thus use whatever weapons available. After that when we do specialize, others can still make weapons you prefer till you find a great weapon. (Shotguns are pretty much always useful as an example, even without perks) Yet gatherers tend to be able to craft that gun. 😛 lol I can see you are definately thinking about this from a soloist perspective and thats not always the case. I dont even bother taking weapons perks till I have the parts to craft a new one... Zeds scaling is laughable.
  17. No offence intended to anyone pimps, But trying to help with bugs is a lil bit... Confusing. This isnt about having to format our responses to you or anything like that but rather how you guys present information to us. In the last EXP update, you guys mashed all the updated/fixed into the old initial EXP release notes, in with the rest of them in no easily seen order. I note this may help to pull in people who are not playing on the EXP from the stable version but this makes things incredibly complicated for (at least me) to see what was fixed and what is a known bug and what is unknown. I also noticed many of the reports id filed were moved to another location and the only reason I was able to find this new location was because I was able to click links via my profile to retrace where the reports had been moved to- I couldnt find any link normally in the forums to the typical reporting pages. I saw the search function but it doesnt seem to be searching properly across the forums. :x Id like to request: Update notes be kept in a 2ndary location to help testers help you by having known/fixed in a clear and easily accessed location, relative to the last builds. (So new/fixed/known are the only new content added to this section) Have clear links folks can use to be taken to the reporting section as you guys had prior? (Maybe this was just a weird bug or im just dumb and dont know where it went in the new organization?) Much love pimps
  18. Thanks for the explination Sorry I missed the other threads on this topic.
  19. Did they ever make it so you could do say; 1.1 skill points per level so that you could gain 2 every 10th level?
  20. You have to enable dev mode and then use the F5 and left alt keys.
  21. The general theme of new players is this: Spawn into game Walk around for 5min Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Exit Game. x'D They do not get to live. This is 7 days to die not 7 days to frolic gayly thru a field.
  22. Hear hear. I think it was just an unspecific patch note and that they are increasing food cost to default when driving which is perfectly reasonable.
  23. So we use more food instead of gas? I still dont see the logic even from mechanical standpoints in the game. Im not at all arguing in favor of having it cost NO food, im simply saying its not needed mechanically to increase food consumption more than default. You dont burn EXTRA calories driving any more than you do standing around converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. Mechanically, itd make sense to use more more gas if you wanted to limit it like that... Costing you more food than default just because youre behind the wheel? ... Isnt that pretty much the point of vehicles besides speed? So you can travel further in a day without being so taxed? This methodogy is just very very odd. Is this just a misunderstanding and were actually just raiding food cost while driving TO default?
  24. How does this make any sense at all to have food usage increased from default when in vehicles? Not needed mechanically in-game nor does it make any sense IRL. The vulture buffs are going to handle vehicle issues in general. This was a double nerf that just isnt needed. My men can eat only the finest food- my tanks need gas. -General Patton I know you guys wana lock us in the stone age longer so might I suggest a vehicle mesh change?
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