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  1. Can we have this feature? Vultures explode and just shower the walls in gore? Awesome.
  2. 837 bugs. Take one down, fix it all up, 838 bugs on the wall. ^.^
  3. Bandits please. I NEED ai that wants to shoot me back. Whole new level of git gud please.
  4. It really depends entirely on personal prefrences. My preferred in no particular order: Weighted Head- More ability to knock down zeds, +2 dmg Flaming Shaft- % chance to burn all the babies. +4dmg -100 sneak. Spiked Chain- Bleed chance. no sneak penalty. +4 dmg Ergonomic Grip- -15% STM usage, -25% on power swings. +2 dmg
  5. I can now chase my friends around everywhere screaming for them to hold still! Thank you much! I wanted this feature so badly!!!! :D (No joke tho, thanks for this.)
  6. So, forever ago, way back when you guys updated unity or thereabouts, I noticed a sneaky lil snek called a Lava Bucket that were disabled items... Everyone is hyping A20 but I wana hype the lava. Is this added as a intended future game feature or is this added solely for modders? I want a lava moat more than you devs can ever understand. I long to hear zombies screaming in agony whilst burning in my nice fireplace. But this further leads me to wonder- Lava cant be the ultimate, I always win the game this way, hahahahahaha devs type ordeal. So, what if while the lava was hurting a zomb
  7. That was the issue that started this thread. I built a base out of frames the way ive done since A16. The frames got to about 10 high and then randomly collapsed as I was filling in frames for walls and upgrading them. Adding supports at 1/2 the max (8 blocks is my max so I just put in supports every 4th block to workaround) 'fixes' the problem but I cannot accurately figure out what/where is going on to cause the collapse in the first place. Also, if you had this issue, can you say whether or not you used the Nitrogen map maker mod or if you were vanilla?
  8. Teaser? Information? FREE KEYS? Just kidding about the keys but I would love information if the pewpew bois are coming to the game yet. Also- STORY!
  9. Im just going to chalk this up as a failure of my understanding of SI. Ill keep an eye on things now that I have a much more clear understanding of its mechanics and if I run into the issue again, ill get accurate dimensions for the build for reproduction. My apologies- I wasnt sure exactly how to explain and it shows.
  10. "each of the 4 sides can hold 40, so 160 total" This explains the steel for sure. Didnt know it was per side. However, id still like to point out, it doesnt explain the collapse of the entire wood frame structure. Like, i was framing a base and it collapsed with more than enough 'legs' to hold it up. *Note the wood frame structure is unrelated to the above ASCI art graphic. :x
  11. Just curious but if you add a block into the center of the +, why does it still collapse then? Stright across would be 60 but the structure itself is now braced? Also, this still doesnt explain the entire wooden structure falling with a bracing setup ive used since A16 and know it worked on previous version of A19?
  12. The divide between these two play styles is immence. But yes. The devs have very lightly insisted they dont want people to be able to just stay in their base for whatever reason. (If thats how you enjoy the game, i think it should be possible but w/e) At the same time, its not really somthing they can force too much without risking your bases destruction and that would suck if you lost 10hours of work on your crafting base just cuz ? lol. All parts craftable mod. Thats where the gold is. That mod makes it so all weapon and junk turret parts are craftable and disassembleable. You still
  13. Negative. As you said yourself, building stright up isnt supposed to be checked. Yet it is. Im done debating this with you my friend. lmao. If you build a tower made of wood frames, 1 block high till the game wont let you- itll stand just fine. If you change to a steel block anywhere on the wood frame tower, it breaks exactly at the steel block after a few blocks. Even frames have mass and max weight. It doesnt add up. This isnt consistant nor intended behavior. xD Argue away.
  14. *shrug* Im telling you for absolute certain there is a bug with the SI or blocks. From experience. If you build that tower, it will fall if you change materials exactly where you changed materials at. If you are randomly offering some factoid and im just misunderstanding, my apologies.
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