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  1. Did they ever make it so you could do say; 1.1 skill points per level so that you could gain 2 every 10th level?
  2. The general theme of new players is this: Spawn into game Walk around for 5min Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Respawn Die Exit Game. x'D They do not get to live. This is 7 days to die not 7 days to frolic gayly thru a field.
  3. Hear hear. I think it was just an unspecific patch note and that they are increasing food cost to default when driving which is perfectly reasonable.
  4. So we use more food instead of gas? I still dont see the logic even from mechanical standpoints in the game. Im not at all arguing in favor of having it cost NO food, im simply saying its not needed mechanically to increase food consumption more than default. You dont burn EXTRA calories driving any more than you do standing around converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. Mechanically, itd make sense to use more more gas if you wanted to limit it like that... Costing you more food than default just because youre behind the wheel? ... Isnt that pretty much the point of vehicles besides speed? So you can travel further in a day without being so taxed? This methodogy is just very very odd. Is this just a misunderstanding and were actually just raiding food cost while driving TO default?
  5. How does this make any sense at all to have food usage increased from default when in vehicles? Not needed mechanically in-game nor does it make any sense IRL. The vulture buffs are going to handle vehicle issues in general. This was a double nerf that just isnt needed. My men can eat only the finest food- my tanks need gas. -General Patton I know you guys wana lock us in the stone age longer so might I suggest a vehicle mesh change?
  6. I think you fully misunderstand but I apreciate your insult. I dont want night time to be an apex of 'you can finally do what you do in the AM at night without risking death' Night time apex shouldnt be just doing the same thing you do during the day.(But you have to wait to do so till you are geared) Thats boring. (Do note, I simply said there is "NOTHING TO DO" you didnt counter that at all, just insulted me due to your own ignorance and ASSumed you knew when you didnt.) If you think digging in a game all day is fun, more power to you. I do not, hence the post. Everyone else, thank you very much for the mod suggestions and im definately gona give some of these a try!
  7. That 100% depends on where you are in the game and how fortunate youve gotten with drops sir. I dont want the 'same ol' at night tho, regardless... Thats what Blood Moon is FOR- to make it so its exactly NOT the same ol, same ol.
  8. This will be handled later on as the devs give the game more TLC. What basically occours is that the pool for quest pois are tied not only to tier levels but PoI 'IDs' The pimps have to go in and update each tier list with the new PoI IDs and since they are adding more PoI atm in prep for A19, they simply havnt given this a pass yet, as theyd have to do the work twice. They are currently going thru the game and assigning dev blocks resources' needed so players can now craft new blocks and bases so, trust. It will come.
  9. I dont remember where but i recall someone from TFP saying something akin to 'we attempted to make people specialize but it ended up being the oposite again' I just wanted to talk a lil about what a possible solution could be for the perk system going into A19- without totally ditching the current system. Lets talk Pros first. With the forge adv bellows and fasting crafting based on INT perks, Cement is no longer a multi-hour process with few rewards. Likewise, gunpowder and gas having larger, more efficent recipies definately improved what the game was about in the later levels. Farming for the first time since I can remember seems close to 'balanced' with a few noteworthy exceptions I dont want to get into on this post (Candy a GREAT idea and should be expanded upon!) Combat perks make me feel BEEFY with each point so I feel like the extra points needed are worth it. -Cons- You have to spend multiple points in every area to be a 'solo survivalist' Multiple point costs dont make sense on certain 'effiecency' perks. First aid is tied to yeah science! Which has a minimum INT req of 3-4? O.o So, my suggestion here is actually a simple one: Add a "General" tab for skills in the perk lists. In this tab should be: All armors, all gardening/food perks, all bomb perks, all digestion perks and the basics of crafting (Benches/forge specifically), Miner 69er, Motherlode and basic healing supplies like bandage, first aid bandage and health kits. Each of these perks should have no governing stat. Each one 'could' cost seperate perk costs, as the armor as an example keep its current perk point costs but lose the END raw stat requirements. -Can also increase perks needed for higher levels to balance out the lack of governing attribute. whereas the food perks can cost 1-2pt ea. This not only opens up the other perk trees for MORE perks (Nomnomnom) but also eases the burden of the system on the devs. No more having to try and force skills to go in weird places where they really dont fit or make sense from mechanics to logic.
  10. Use the NVIDIA driver removal tool as NVIDIA drivers do not uninstall any other way. A driver on your system is bad and due to using NVID hardware, they dont remove their software when you install new drivers. Thus- you have a corrupt driver on your PC and windows cannot remove it. You must use a 3rd party program, remove ALL previous driver versions and install ONLY the current, good driver. (Not an issue on AMD devices) THEN should be gucci. 100% this is a driver issue, not a 7d2d issue tho so if you cant figure it out with our help, youll need to contact them to fix your driver for you
  11. This was an issue back in like A16. During those times, it was caused by having a controller plugged into your PC when you were not using it and unplugging the controller and restarting 7d2d would fix it. idk if its the same problem since its a remote gaming connection but... Perhaps?
  12. I dont even recognize the game. xD But yeah, your steam client probably in offline mode.
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