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  1. If it is a problem with the steam API, if we do as the devs say to and disable steam networking in the server configs, it should bypass using the steam api- but your buddies will be forced to join the game via server list. Might be worth a try.
  2. Its happened to 3 players across 3 countries for us. Ima go ahead and humor your hypothesis tho and ive setup my QoS for 7d2d on my PC and ill do some more testing over the next couple days and see if its a networking sensitivity problem or not. I really dont think thats the problem but just to help rule it out. Will update this post in idk, 24, 48hours once my gamers have a chance to help test. In the logs and speedtests ive done when the DC happened/as close as humanly possible, the networks have shown 0% packet loss, even on the 'poorer' network connections. However, in 7d2d it say
  3. I definately think it comes down to both playstyle and RNG of items in the first 4 days. Ill go fort if I get good seeds at the start 100%. Otherwise, I typically dont bother. I use Nitrogen for randomization of biomes so, my games can be a little more random and uhh, well hard because you can still start in the desert where there is still little to no food and you essentially live on 100 yucca a day xD Getting wounded in such perilous biomes usually equates to me eating glass or just running home without healing factor. But yeah, Ill argue its a good perk but its still situational
  4. The game is forgetting where multiple vehicles are, deleting them completely from the game, forgetting locks/passcodes and delting storages from the game as well. Since A19.4, server has also been randomly disconnecting players who are then able to rejoin immediately. I as an admin via LAN connection to my server was once disconnected. I just bought all-new hardware for an unrelated problem and highly doubt its the new hardware. I think this bug might be a little more obnoxious than you think, especially in PVE situations with multiple vehicles. At least in me and my gamers experiences. T
  5. Healing factor not only gives you healing passively which is extremely helpful early but it also gives you faster healing on injuries AND, it stacks with using medical supplies. Example: Broken arm 10m duration Apply Splint-> -50%= 5min Healing factor 5, -25% = 2min (It calculates from the base debuff timer) Ima assume by your hours played you at least know some basics about the game so im not going to do more than mention 25 damage per hit means get armor equiped. Structural brace also lets you passively regenerate when below 50% hp and that combined with healing factor is true
  6. So if you manage to find one early from a trader, its 20,000 dukes. Typically, its 40,000 dukes (Defaults, no perks or bonuses) Does this item REALLY provide a 20k, 40k advantage? I just dont think so. Its a help, yes. It allows you to save some points in the mid to late game sometimes but, this price really takes away from the people whod like to use it the most- newbies. So, my suggestion is drop that price to around 10-15k. It may not be the most affordable thing in the world but at least its actually attainable in some reasonable fashon and not just on the late, late game.
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply; I tried using firefox instead of chrome and the download worked just fine. Awkward. :x Thanks tho!
  8. So, in short it doesnt work without two identical cards because you "neuter" the other chip.... You can also stick a fork in an electrical socket and it still 'works' but not exactly the way you wanted it to eh? lol People who run SLI and Crossfire and had problems running two chips that were not identical (mixing and matching) so, feel free to do so at your own risk. Sometimes it worked, others it didnt, others took days of configuring. *shrug* In the end, you butcher the reason you using 2 gfx cards tho. Techie sites also said they had better performance and responsiveness with identic
  9. NitroGen v0.501 A19 (experimental) A19 experimental version This link does not take me to a download?
  10. Im pretty sure there isnt one? If there is can someone educate me? If its not there, can we please have this so my friends on satelite and 3g can download a map before timeout ensues? I dont always want to host a PvP game just for better timeout counter. x'D
  11. *Pushes up daisies* I think ill just die now. lmfao
  12. It also happens if your version of 7d2d isnt the same version of the map you are trying to play. (Updating from stable to alpha?) (Via google translate, my apologies if this was Portuguese and not Spanish, LOL.) También sucede si su versión de 7d2d no es la misma versión del mapa que está intentando jugar. (¿Actualizando de estable a alfa?)
  13. These are the days of our lives. xD I have a list of top 5 favorite poi for low/high levels and just use whatever is handy. Last playthru I setup shop in a semi-truck container for the first week. lmao. xD
  14. SLI/Xfire only works if you have two identical chips and they have to be configured. I dont think 7d2d supports SLI/Crossfire tho so ima say negative.
  15. Well, if you think about it when was the last time you saw a public phone? I havnt owned a LAN line in over 15 years. So to be fair, I do think the lack of phones is realistic but itd be nice to find cell phones to dismantle for plastic, parts.
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