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  1. "each of the 4 sides can hold 40, so 160 total" This explains the steel for sure. Didnt know it was per side. However, id still like to point out, it doesnt explain the collapse of the entire wood frame structure. Like, i was framing a base and it collapsed with more than enough 'legs' to hold it up. *Note the wood frame structure is unrelated to the above ASCI art graphic. :x
  2. Just curious but if you add a block into the center of the +, why does it still collapse then? Stright across would be 60 but the structure itself is now braced? Also, this still doesnt explain the entire wooden structure falling with a bracing setup ive used since A16 and know it worked on previous version of A19?
  3. The divide between these two play styles is immence. But yes. The devs have very lightly insisted they dont want people to be able to just stay in their base for whatever reason. (If thats how you enjoy the game, i think it should be possible but w/e) At the same time, its not really somthing they can force too much without risking your bases destruction and that would suck if you lost 10hours of work on your crafting base just cuz ? lol. All parts craftable mod. Thats where the gold is. That mod makes it so all weapon and junk turret parts are craftable and disassembleable. You still cannot make things like glass beakers, acid without the book, ect. I personally think that when the devs come thru with 'no more infinate durability on weapons and LIMITED repairs' that crafting parts becomes much more neccisary. (Like it was back in A15?) I want a reason to craft 5 shotguns and keep the best-rolled stats. Itd actually be kinda nice. Add a repair perk so you can repair things more than other ppl? Good times. Lets build an armory! I dislike this systems focus on traders tho and feel like weak and low-stat weapons SHOULD appear at low levels like a really bad pistol from a toilet like the old days. The devs have also said they are adding 'pipe' weapons similar to fallout 4s for starting projectile weapons so maybe that will fill the void and make it feel more complete. I really hate being stuck in the stone age with no way out cept buying weapons.
  4. Negative. As you said yourself, building stright up isnt supposed to be checked. Yet it is. Im done debating this with you my friend. lmao. If you build a tower made of wood frames, 1 block high till the game wont let you- itll stand just fine. If you change to a steel block anywhere on the wood frame tower, it breaks exactly at the steel block after a few blocks. Even frames have mass and max weight. It doesnt add up. This isnt consistant nor intended behavior. xD Argue away.
  5. *shrug* Im telling you for absolute certain there is a bug with the SI or blocks. From experience. If you build that tower, it will fall if you change materials exactly where you changed materials at. If you are randomly offering some factoid and im just misunderstanding, my apologies.
  6. You seem to be operating under old info. The devs are certainly messing with the SI atm, intentionally or not and thats because they are modifying and fixing blocks. Hence why we now have our 1/8ths back when we didnt during the A19 EXP. Also to note; the bugs with concrete blocks allowing demolisher explosions to bleed thru the walls. It could be a bug with SI, It could simply be a bug with blocks. idk. Thats for the devs to decide. Not I. Its above my pay grade.
  7. ? Have the check stop after a few blocks. Im quite sure it already has similar functionality or else it would continue to check the entire world on the Y axis no?
  8. A wood tower can stack up till height map ends. (As tall as the game will let you) and it wont bust. Add 6 steel blocks and only the steel collapses. The Map generation mod shouldnt affect SI at all as far as the game is concerned its just a mapsave. At most that mod could potentially affect zed spawning in biomes but thats pmuch it. Perhaps some loot table issues as they are linked to biomes now. Theres nothing that nitrogen does that should interfere with SI checks as SI is calculated from bedrock up and the mod doesnt change how SI works or any of that, just how the map is RNGd'. I was using nitrogen as well and 'all parts craftable' mods. I still dont think either of those two mods can cause a SI break tho. Neither of them mess with game physics.
  9. Yes. Me and my friend are currently diagnosing this issue and it appears that the SI physics are breaking when you switch from 1 material to another in the same area. Example: You build a tower of wood and add a floor of steel to the wood tower. The tower crumbles because the weight of the steel is 20ea but wood can only support a max of 60. 4 blocks causes a SI break, when it should not. The games SI check seems to be breaking when calculating two differnt material supports on the same area. Also, it breaks when connecting things from the center too. Example: a + shaped setup 2 blocks for each appendage and no center- supported by a wood frame all the way around in a square with 4corner supports. 2 steel blocks in middle with no center for the +. THe structure still stands when each support is holding 40. You place another steel block in the center to fill the + in; the entire + collapses. Add a frame to a side without the center for + and that side collapses with the steel. Wood foundation still stands. However, you can still build a tower as far up as you want with just wood frame, rebar frame, ect. You build a wood tower and add 6 steel blocks and the steel blocks collapse. Im going to file a bug report for this issue if I cannot find one already existing.
  10. At level 60 the XP one could gain clamps and doesnt degenerate anymore. (As one levels up, you gain less xp from the same ol kills. XP degenerates at like 0.015 per level but this clamps at level 60.) -Progression XML, first 5 lines or so. :)- In short- Once you hit level 60, all the XP credit stays the same from kills. It doesnt do this before lvl 60 and you actually gain less exp for the same kills every time you level up until you reach 60. The exp gains were so intense and long-lasting in the wasteland that it made it seem as if the clamp didnt exist and I was level 1 on a full first raid night with bullets, just gaining levels en masse. Good feels. There is a guy with a VERY popular map generating mod that I expect will be updated for A19 stable. His mod allows you to set these things already. -Just so you dont gota do all that extra work if you dont wana.
  11. Then have it shoot a rock. x'D We have a turret that shoots with a spring and iron. Get creative. xD Why cry about types of ammo? This seems like no-factor to me. The early game only really drops blunderbuss ammo. Easily balanced for loot tables. I personally would rather have options in my kit to deal with enemies. Arrows and a blunderbuss just flat doesnt hit the spot. If youre gona argue that route than to hell with a .22, give me a .50 cal black powder rifle for early game? (Weve had those since around archbus Them sticks with a metal pipe and they put powder and shot in them. Just made the gauge bigger.) There are alot of other options and people should have access to a better gun early- specifically a Rifle/Pistol in the early game so you can spend perks on damage like you can with shotgun perks and the blunderbuss. PS: Just saw the 2nd post. x'D lol
  12. A20 as its already been announced. (Vehicle+mods update! Yeet!) Main Story quests are also supposed to be landing in A20 or 21. They also said they are aiming for gold release about 2nd or 3rd quarter next year if all goes well. (AKA, 2 years+) They still have some development they want to do in regards to adding new items and balance but, they are done with the big, long streaks of no updates. I personally cannot wait for more optimizations so I can play the game on full GFX for once. x'D
  13. Blunderbuss. Its a early firearm. Clearly, has many drawbacks. Why not add a .22 as a pistol/rifle equivilant? Could be a bolt action rifle and/or break action pistol. (This makes sense from a logic standpoint. Sif ALL the guns magically disappeared post-apocalypse and then, seemingly magically start appearing around the wasteland en masse. (Nani?)) If that doesnt tickle the devs fancy, then Id suggest a muzzle loader instead as a rifle/pistol. It really sucks only having 2 choices of weapon in the early game for ranged. Lets fix that in a reasonable way eh?
  14. So, me and a couple buddies hit day 94, GS 100+ We were running 3 forges plus a chemistry station. We were in the wasteland biome. Zeds started spawning, NON STOP as if it were blood moon from 2am-8am. They spawned everywhere as if a screamer horde had triggered. Except- there were none. (I used the new zombie pause function and checked with dev mode) Screamers didnt appear till the 5th wave, around 5AM. There was no blood moon. It was actually insane and in a good way. The XP clamp gap vanished and we gained 2-3 levels. It wasnt even horde night. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU! We finally have a place to go for some real endgame content. >:D (Now please, allow biomes to spawn other than green on center like in the old days and add the difficulty back into the game :3 teehee)
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